05 May 2011

The week of the Birthday!

So for the past eight years, Terry and I have been used to celebrating our birthdays within the same week---his being 30 April and mine being Cinco de Mayo.  But last year, our beloved Boo was born on 4 May...the day before me. A beautiful and most precious gift! And so begins, the Birthday week!

Terry had to work on Saturday.  Blah. But on Sunday, the three of us headed up to Rockland to have a family day and visit what used to be our favorite toy store.  It was a gorgeous day! We got to Rockland...everything was closed and *gasp* the toy store was gone! Apparently it had moved to Camden.  So off we went.  And unfortunately, the store, was my dad would say, a shadow of its former self.  It was tiny, uninteresting, and just not the store we had hoped it would be.  But that didn't stop us from browsing anyway.
Check out this bus


Love this car!

 So then after that...we decided to ditch the stroller and put G in his backpack carrier...a first.  Looks like he loved it! Daddy's back? Not so much.

And then, our first picnic...on the beautiful spot in front of the Camden Library that overlooks the dock. Garrett's first real introduction to grass.  He loved that too!

A terrific day with my boys...in prelude to our birthday celebration week...and not to mention, one of the only sunny days we've had in May so far.

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