14 March 2011

Lunching out on a Sunday

Oh this look just says it all. :)

13 March 2011

The Recap.

So, as our boy is rapidly approaching the one year mark, I thought I'd take a moment to recap what the past 10 months has been like. 

I remember a year ago at this time, I was anxiously awaiting when I'd be done with work, and when Garrett would arrive. I also remember praying that he wouldn't come early, and boy, did he set the stage for being such a good listener.  My last day of work was Friday, April 30th (Also his daddy's birthday).  I was due on May 1st...but throughout my pregnancy (which, by the way, was really very easy and without issue) I kept talking to him, willing him not to come early.  I remember that last day of work, and saying to a coworker, I'd really just like to have the weekend...sure enough....on Sunday, May 2nd, Terry and I decided to treat ourselves to what we thought would be our last dining out for awhile...at Cook's Lobster House on beautiful Bailey Island. I felt so ready to pop....but also very content. 

That night, or should I say very early Monday morning, at 12:15 am, I awoke in bed feeling like I had just wet the bed.  Yup, my water had broken.  Fast forward to 38 hours of labor later, and our beautiful child was born at 2:08pm, Tuesday, May 4th.  Did I mention that my birthday is May 5th? What a gift. 

Arriving home, our guy had to meet the rest of our family...Gabby our dog, and the four cats.  I was so worried about the transition but everyone handled it beautifully.  Especially our Gabby, who, to this day, remains Garrett's biggest fan and would protect him always. 

Life with Garrett was....well, easy.  I had no issues breastfeeding.  He had no issues sleeping.  He took to his crib right away; he vocalized his needs pretty distinctly.  And after month two, I was already back to getting my full 8 hours of sleep. Not too shabby.  I remember shortly after his birth, bringing him to a 'new mom's support group' at the hospital and sitting there, listening to problem after problem after problem that women had with their babies.  I kept thinking that I had absolutely nothing to contribute because my babe's pretty easy going.  It helps that Terry and I are too, I think.  We definitely got lucky, in more ways than one. 

I also got used to doing things by myself. Sure, Terry got to stay home for a few days but then it was back to work for him, and somehow I managed to do everything I needed myself. It kept me wondering...why is it that it's so ingrained in us that new mom's are unable to handle the burdens alone?  My parents live in Maine as well, but I didn't have them come stay with us...we just managed.  Maybe there's a little bit of luck there too.

Somewhere in the middle of maternity, I was given notice that I had lost my job.  At the time, it sounded like the worst thing in the world because it wasn't what we had prepared for.  But like so many other things, it turned out to be a blessing.  It got me so much more time with my beautiful boy...spending lazy summer days taking walks with Gabby...and enjoying it all as much as possible before the harsh Maine winter sets in.  It took awhile but I started working again at the end of January...and recently was offered another position at the lovely Bates College.  I start in a week!

Garrett got exposed to things very early...trips to Bar Harbor...Rockland...Kennebunk and Ogunquit...West Newbury, MA where his aunt and cousins live...and through it all he was a champ.  We can't wait to take him camping!

And so here we are...in the middle of his 10th month...in awe of his growth, his smarts, his utter cuteness.  How time flies.  I remember thinking a year ago now, what would it look today...and I wonder that again...when next year at this time he's almost two years old....wow.

He's got seven teeth right now...crawling up a storm...mama's and dada's abound...every day is a exciting.  From day one, I would look at him in the nursery, while feeding him or rocking him, and look in awe, saying, "I can't believe you're mine." I still feel that way every day.

10 March 2011

...Is this thing on?

So I've been thinking about blogging for awhile.  But as a mom to a 10 month old, my time is...well, no longer just my own.  Then I read the blog of a friend who was writing about her babe and the experiences they as a family are going through and I realized, it's time.  Besides, I love to write, think I'm pretty good at it, and want something that my son can eventually read about our adventures with him, from the beginning.

It's hard to think of a title for something like a blog.  This is something that has a semi permanent stamp in cyberspace.  You want to make it count.  So in rolling around some ideas in my head, some cliche, some too serious, and some just downright cheesey, I started to think...what are some of my favorite things? Favorite song? Favorite lyric? Favorite artist? And then this came to me.  One of my favorite songs of all time, and for those who know me very well, know it pretty much ruled my 20s, is the Cure's "Just Like Heaven".    So when I think about my son, who in the past 10 months has brought Terry and I such absolute joy unlike anything we've ever known, it came to me.  He, this perfect little being, so innocent and untouched by the world's turmoil, is for me, Just Like Heaven.

I'll do my best to write as often as possible; recording firsts and milestones; sharing pictures and videos; venting frustrations and mishaps...and in the meantime, thanks for being along for the ride.