28 May 2011

Mama Bear, meet Baby Boo.

I've determined that Saturdays are 'catch up' days for G.  While I know he has gotten into a better, consistent schedule at daycare, especially when it comes to napping, I've noticed that on Saturdays, he seems to just let go and allow himself to relax.  And by relax I mean take long naps.  As in, two, two and a half hour naps. Wowee.  The downside, he wakes up at 6:30am, rarin' to go, whether I am or not. 

So this morning when he and I came downstairs, this huge bear was awaiting us, propped up on the dining room table, wearing the Bates College hat that I had bought Terry yesterday.  The hat looked puny compared to this bear.  G stared at the bear, a mix of awe and eager anticipation, and then looked at Gabby to make sure she hadn't suddenly changed form into some looming large fuzzy creature. 

We waited until Daddy woke up and then made the introduction. At first it was very tentative.  After all, the bear is nearly double the size of G, and probably slightly intimidating.  So he teased us by getting close, then backing away, looking at us almost for permission.  And then he extended a hand, touching the fuzzy soft fur...deciding that he liked it.  And then...well, it was full on abandon.  Like a mama bear protecting her young, this bear seemed to envelop Garrett as if she was real.  Truly a Kodak moment. Or in my case, Iphone.

Later on this afternoo, G and I met up with a friend who was in town for the weekend at a favorite Brunswick spot---Gelato Fiasco. G had his first taste of strawberry rhubarb sorbetto--a true summer flavor...mixed with some toasted coconut. No, really, it made a delish combo.  I did like how he wrinkled his nose after each tart taste of the sorbetto, but then he kept going "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" which roughly translates to "give me more NOW."      Sweet for my sweet.

I'm a little unsure about this.

Oooh kinda soft tho.

Maybe I should plan a getaway?

Still nice and soft...maybe not so bad

Yep, this is the life.

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