29 August 2015


I've been trying to write this post for several days, as the speed train known as kindergarten is hurtling towards us in now only two days.  Less than two days actually. I've been trying to string together all the poignant things I'm feeling, but I can't come up with the words. Or, if I find the words, they're blurred by the eyes that won't stop tearing.  The moment has arrived. So for now, I'll just say it in pictures.  

It started with cub club...back in the winter.  You got introduced to your big boy school and got the lay of the land.

Then came your last day of preschool,which happened to be the same night you met your teacher for the first time...how far you've come in just a year. And how excited you are for this adventure to begin. But all that said, you're still going to miss the caring adults who've taught you and nurtured you this past year.

The smile says it all. You're ready.  K-ready. 

04 August 2015

In memoriam.

Earlier this summer, we received some tough news. News that still today I can't quite wrap my head around because of the permanency of it. Your Uncle Seth had passed away very unexpectedly.  How does one even go about trying to have this conversation with a small child, especially when Seth himself was so very young?  For as grown up as I know you can be, it's time like this that remind me that you're still just little-you've only been on this planet for 5 short years.  Too short to comprehend the depth and magnitude of this.

You know Uncle Seth because since you were born, he and Auntie Tanya have come up to Maine to visit you and us every year.  Usually in the Fall...when the leaves have turned their brilliant golds and oranges and russets. We've gone pumpkin picking together...and to the fall festivals in Damariscotta and Freeport.  We've eaten at Cook's Lobster House and gone fishing in Harpswell.  We flew wooden airplanes on playgrounds and went for a coastal hike with Gabby.  These are the memories we have...that you have...and that I want you to keep forever. 

We didn't know how to tell you this devastating news. When Auntie Tanya came up on the fourth of July weekend, we decided to tell you together...because inevitably, when you knew she was coming, you immediately asked where Uncle Seth was.  I'm not sure you understood at first...and why would you? As I suspected, you needed some time to process it...and we talked about it more the next day.  I'm sure you'll continue to ask questions, and well you should...but know that he loved you and we have these few but lovely photos to remember him by.  Always remember.

03 August 2015


Ok, it's officially three months since you're birthday and I've yet to write up and catch up on all there is to say. I find myself in a rare moment of actually having the brain power to do so...Madeleine is napping, you're still at school, and I'm on vacation.  Let's do this. (Ok, I started this post earlier this afternoon and of course was interrupted. Can I make it to the end this time?)

So here's the thing.  You turned five this year. A milestone. My favorite number. It's special. It means the start of so many exciting adventures.  And we celebrated...a few times, actually...but just not with your buds.  Yeah I know.  I'm a terrible mom.  You had no kid party.  I didn't get to make one of my special decorated cakes.  I just didn't have it in me.  But before you yell at me, think about it.  Your sister wasn't even two months old yet.  Translation---I just didn't have the energy to pull it together.  Oh I thought about it many times...I had a few ideas...but the downside of your birthday in the best month is...well, it's not always the best month of weather.  So I usually err on the cautious side and want to do something indoors. This year though, I just could never get my act together.  But like I said, we did celebrate! We celebrated with Grammie and Grampie...we celebrated here at home as a family...as you'll see in the following photos.

First, let's look at the birthday interview.  I started this with you last year...it's funny to see how the answers changed.  Last year and now this year:

Avengers rule the day.  

Now to catch up on the photos.  First celebration was with Grammie and Grampie.  

Next up, your birthday at home. 

So despite not having a party with your pals, I think you ended up having a pretty great birthday. I know we loved helping you celebrate and having Madeleine with us was just so special. Five is a big year for you buddy...enjoy it to the fullest.