15 May 2011

The One Year Appointment: Intro to Cow's Milk

So yesterday was a big day for us.  It was Garrett's one year doc appointment. One year! It's almost as big as his birthday. This is the appointment where you find out not only his stats in terms of height and weight...but it's where you get all the questions answered that you've had churning in your brain since the 9 month appointment (can he try strawberries? what about citrus?  fish? and of course...MILK!)

First, I have to say, I love our pediatrician.  With every visit, she makes us feel like we're the best parents in the world and that we have the most perfect kid.  Ok, maybe we haven't quite reached the distinct honor of being the first, but I have to concur with the second.  And while she probably makes every new parent couple feel that way, what I love is that she is so validating with how we've taken care of Garrett so far, it makes me feel like we somewhat know what we're doing. :) 

Unfortunately, this appointment also had a few dreaded shots, including the first of the chickenpox vaccine. But first, the weights and measures! It's astounding that at birth, Master G weighed 9lbs 1 oz and was 22.5 inches long.  He now weighs 22lbs 8 oz and is 29 inches long.  Ah-mazing.  Oh, and his big noggin continues to overachieve by being in the 90th percentile at a whopping 19 inches.

So my biggest question going in was all about weaning off the bottle to milk.  For some reason, I'd worked this up to be a daunting task to be feared.  I felt the same way when I decided to switch to formula from nursing around the 7 month mark.  But Dr. L explained how to do it, what to expect, and made it sound like it was nothing at all to be worried about.  I couldn't wait to try it that night. 

After a very trying afternoon that resulted in several naps, (yep, that's right, several. I blame the shots) and Garrett turning into his alter-ego, Major Fussypants, I decided to give him milk with his dinner.  And true to Garrett form, he transitioned beautifully---relieving my worry and fear and simply going with it.  I love this kid.

The allusive milk sits untouched, awaiting the first sip.

We aren't sure what we're waving at here, but it's not the milk.

Ah yes, the first sip...I think I like it. 

Yep. I do.  It's delish. If only I had one of those cupcake things mommy gave me not long ago.
Which brings us to today---what was I going to do? Do we try it so soon, just throwing it all at him and hope for the best? I kept the morning 'wake up' bottle the same...but gave him milk with breakfast, milk throughout the day, while we were grocery shopping, and then ended with his regular bed time bottle.  Will it always be this easy? 

We ended the evening very busy---introducing some blocks and really seeing him enjoy playing.  If there's one thing we know about G, he loves his blocks and trucks. :)

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