31 May 2011

Memorial Day weekend...lazy, hot and together!

I don't have much to say about this weekend because we really didn't do much.  I caught up with an out-of-town friend, had to fix a flat tire, but basically spent the weekend cuddling and enjoying the nonstop time with Garrett. Even when the house felt like it had reached 10,000 degrees, and he woke up sweaty and cranky with that damn molar (i think there are two coming in on the same side!) bugging him, and only wanting to stay clinging to me, I still relished it. 

Garrett is proving to be a good sidekick.  On Monday, after spending the morning in our pjs playing, I had to spend part of the afternoon getting a tire fixed after having the unfortunate luck of finding a screw buried in the tread. Garrett came with me as we waited in Sears, and I kept him plied with cheerios and milk. It was hot, sticky, and neither one of us had reason to be happy but we were together, and that alone made it fun.  

PJ playtime with my blocks

Blocks are for playing AND munching

Awaiting mommy's tire to be done

Any more cheerios in this tray?

Are we done YET?

This book was interesting but my nap was better.

Post nap snack--graham cracker!

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