16 May 2013

Chocolate Cakes and Fly-Away Lobsters.

I'm finally getting around to recording the gorgeous birthday weekend we shared last week.  The week leading up, we counted down the days, marking giant X's on the calendar, eagerly awaiting the day that was marked with a birthday cake.  Every day you'd ask "Is today my birthday cake day?" Nope, not yet. 

Your birthday was on a Saturday this year and so we took Friday off, got a birthday haircut and lunched with Grammie and Grampie. The plan was to spend Saturday and Sunday in Ogunquit--my most favorite spot.  We started celebrating Thursday with a gorgeous chocolate cake that my boss had made especially for us.  How sweet was that?

Saturday came...your big day.  You awoke with a big smile.  Today was finally your birthday cake day. You're 3, Hooray!  We opened the presents wrapped with love from us, Auntie Tanya and mama's boss, Kerry.  You had a blast.

Then, off to Ogunquit. We brought Gabby with us because why shouldn't she help us celebrate? The day was breezy but sparkling and the moment we hit route 1 in Wells, and I glimpsed the cerulean sea, I knew we were in for a grand couple of days.  

Wells Beach actually allows dogs, so we romped, enjoying the sun-kissed warmth on our faces and launched our lobster kite.  We watched you fearlessly run to the icy shore and not even flinch when it lapped your toes. You are such a hearty Mainer.  

Eventually we continued south, parked, and meandered along the busy town village.  Warmth and clear skies made the crowds come out in droves.  We strolled down Shore Road, a trek I've made countless times in my life.  Quietly, I look for the places that intrigued me as a kid--the sturdy stone library tucked into a nook between homes and galleries; the Tudor-like home that has always been mysterious to me, with its pristine green lawn; and the vacant little shop that can't seem to survive in its rather isolated spot on the Road. 

Soon we rolled into the ever so picturesque Perkins Cove--to me, a synonym for perfection. Lunching at Barnacle Billy's, we reveled in the scenery--boats that dot the harbor on one side and crashing waves on the other.  The scene hasn't changed in the 30+ years I've been coming here and I can't imagine it ever will.

Eventually we made our way back to town--time to Gabby to her motel for the night and time to pick up the cake I'd ordered for you from the delectable Bread and Roses bakery in town.  Gabby was exhausted on the ride over.  She had such a good day.

Dinner that night---it had to be Roberto's, Ogunquit's oldest Italian restaurant.  I think or waiter (who also happened to be the same guy who checked us into our hotel) must have asked why we were in town and I mentioned that you were 3 that day.  Little did I know they were going to bring you the biggest piece of chocolately chocolate cake I've ever seen, accompanied by a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" that the entire restaurant helped sing.  You were beaming and expertly blew out your candle.  Of course, in my head I'm thinking, omg, I've got this other cake back at the hotel and we'll be eating cake for the  next week.  Cake abounds!

After dinner, we needed to work off all that rich Italian food.  Down to the beach we go. Nothing more beautiful than a sunset on a beach.

That night, you slept for the first time in the big bed with me.  I'm pretty sure you kicked me about 47 times and at one point your head was laying against my feet.  But when I opened one eye in the wee early hours, and you were nestled next to me, the peacefulness of sleep etched across your 3 year old face, I thought there was no sweeter feeling.  Happy Birthday to me. 

Sunday brought another extraordinary day and off to breakfast we went to a local fave, Amore.  

After breakfast, back to Perkins Cove and the Marginal Way.  I couldn't have asked for a better day, in a better place then this moment.  You loved it too.

Next up, back to Ogunquit Beach.  Kite flying, sandcastle making, and burying in the sand.

Oh the kite.  So, I was reeling it in, and it literally jumped from my hands, slipping through my fingers and skittered down the beach. I ran to catch it but the wind was much faster.  The lobster kite took permanent flight and leaped over the bridge, over the power lines, and to the other side of the salty bay.  Gone.  In a matter of seconds.  You were not impressed as made evident by the 10 min walk back to town where you repeated "Where'd my kite go, Where'd my kite go?"

What next?  Still had a few hours before we could pick up Gabby. Off to York, where there is the best playground, entirely surrounded by sand.    We couldn't believe you tackled and mastered this humongous slide yourself!

Nubble Light. Where someday, you will scramble among the rocks like I did as a youth.  Just about the most picturesque of scenes. 

You were done...needing a nap, so we put you in the car and just drove.  You and Daddy both conked out as I drove the Shore route--or memory lane in my mind.  The onto scooping up Gabby and making our way back north-home.  After dinner, we, of course, had the third and final chocolate cake (hey, you're 3 years old, it's only right that you have 3 cakes).  And is there really such a thing as too much cake? I didn't think so.

So Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet...and thank you for celebrating mine too!