31 December 2014

The Year in Review--2014

2014, this year's nearly passed
So much has gone on, most of it a blast.
You continue to grow and amaze us each day
Let's look back at the year before the memories fade away.

We started the year with a new milestone that filled us with pride
As we headed to Disneyworld on your first plane ride.
You sat with Daddy, having fun in the back,
While I sat up front, by myself, and away from the pack.
You were all smiles from this new adventure and ride,
I could barely contain myself, having sat there and cried.

We arrived to warmer temps and what awaited was great fun
Leaving New England for a few days to get some much needed sun.
Disney was awesome; there was much to do and see
I secretly kept hoping for a glimpse of our friend, Mickey.

The highlight for you was a certain Honeypot ride
Which we rode six times, you would not be denied.
We watched in wonder as you met an old friend--sweet Pooh Bear
who enveloped you in a huge hug that made me shed a tear.

It's hard to top Disney, it was so epic and joyful
But that was only  January and there were many months to follow.
There were donut dates with friends, and haircuts and games,
We romped outside with Gabby in the snow and the rain.

Winter walks on the beach and we did plenty of baking
you love helping in the kitchen--a petite chef in the making?

Spring brought us visits to a local farm
Seeing fresh little lambs all snuggly and warm.
We started Saturday movie nights with cocoa and popcorn
and saw friends welcome brothers and sisters who were newly born.
We had library days and practiced hitting the baseball
You've got an arm kid, watch out all!

You and I did something very brand new
We went to the circus, just me and you!
Saw tigers and elephants and funny looking clowns
Had cotton candy and popcorn and watched acrobats fly upside down.

On those dreary Sundays when it was a rainy Spring
we took you bowling and soon it became our new favorite thing.
Soon it was May and on the fourth you turned four
We went bowling again, then to the movies which was not a bore.
It was our first movie theater date, Disney Nature's flick Bears
You did pretty well, sitting still, eating popcorn, without a single care.

For your birthday party we went bowling again
This time a few of your bestie friends joined in.

June brought us new changes as preschool began
Saying farewell to your daycare buddies and Miss Helen--we were not a fan!
You looked so grownup on your very first day
My heart skipped a beat as we said goodbye and off you went to play.

By now it was summer and we had lots of plans
the beach, Bar Harbor, eating lots of clams!
Visited Boston's Museum of Science and went fishing when the sky was blue
Picked strawberries, saw fireworks, and had your first school field trip too.

Birthday parties, water fights, and a trip to the zoo
When September rolled around, we had really big news for you.
You're going to be a big brother in March 2015
We think you'll be the best big brothers that we've ever seen.
You'll have a little sister to protect,love, and hold
and teach her great things, or so you've been told.

You took swimming lessons, had play dates and fall came in soon
Aunt Tanya and Uncle Seth visited, then Halloween came too.
We had a snowy Thanksgiving and saw Santa quite a bit
Took a few train rides, drank more cocoa, that's always a hit.

Soon it was Christmas and my time to reflect
On all that's happened this year, some good, but not all perfect.

The Seahawks won the Superbowl, the Sochi Olympics were had
There were violent protests all over, so much of the news was bad.
A Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared without a single trace
Still today a mystery remains, their poor loved ones still face.

UConn dominated March Madness, both the women and men
We saw many an ice-bucket challenge dumped over some heads.
12 Years a Slave won the Oscar; Germany the World Cup,
Syria, ISIS, the Ukraine...the fighting is enough.
So many countries in utter turmoil
The NFL saw its share of scandal come to a boil.

Ferguson, Ebola, and Midterm Elections dominated the headlines
As we do every year, we lost some great gems who passed, many before their prime.

Ariel Sharon was the PM of Israel and died earlier this year
Shirley Temple, Pete Seeger and Mickey Rooney's deaths all drew some tears.
We were shocked by the light going out of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
His portrayal of Truman Capote from In Cold Blood made me a big fan.

James Brady, Marion Barry, Ben Bradlee all hailed in DC
We mourned the loss of actress and activist, the great Ruby Dee.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Maya Angelou brought us stunning prose,
Casey Kasem, you gave voice to Shaggy and told us which popstars on the charts rose.

Ann B. Davis you kept those Brady kids in a bunch
Eli Wallach, James Garner and Bob Hoskins, will be missed much.
Meshasch Taylor and Oscar de la Renta brought different meanings to Designing Women
and baseball lost a legend in the larger than life Don Zimmer.

Tom Magliozzi, you were one half of 'Click and Clack'
Lauren Bacall, you were nothing short of a class act.
Joan Rivers, Thomas Menino, Joe Cocker, you gave us many different gifts
Norman Bridwell, you brought a big red dog to life in Clifford--he'll too be missed.

Finally, we lost a star in Robin Williams who shone so bright
O'Captain! My Captain! Carpe Diem! Mr. Keating, you were so right.
Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sean MacGuire to name a few
Patch Adams, Peter Pan and the doc in Awakenings too.
Good Morning, Vietnam was a breakout role
Jumanji, Night at the Museum, and that creepy One Hour Photo.

His comic relief was genuine and made us believe
to quote Alladin one last time, "Genie, you are free."

And so we wrap up this year in a neat little bow
Here's to 2015 and all it will bestow.
From our family to yours, Happy New Year tonight
May your 2015 be happy, healthy, and bright.

30 December 2014


Goodness. This blog has been hibernating since June and what excuse do I have?  Now as the year ticks down to its final minutes, I find myself scrambling to recall and record all that has gone on in those missing months...and there was plenty!  But for now, let's focus on December and all the fun we had! 

The start of the holiday season began a new tradition for us with the Advent Calendar.  Not new to me, certainly, but new to you...each evening I left a little trinket, note, promise, sweet inside the next morning's pocket and after day 2, you got the hang of it and it became the first thing you went to every morning in your sleepy haze.  The first day brought us a tiny Spiderman figure who just fit so perfectly in the pocket.

Next up on the holiday to-do list was our annual trip to the North Pole, via the Boothbay Railway Village.  You wrote your letter to Santa and then we waited patiently (albeit freezing!) for our train's departure.  Once on board, we sat in the plush heated cars and enjoyed the old fashioned ride. Different this year was Santa jumping on board, gathering the letters and spending a few minutes to chat with each kid.

Also new this year was after the train ride, we went up to one of the railway houses and watched a model train, made an ornament and had cookies and cocoa.  It even started to snow a bit, which added to the festivities.

The next day we boarded the Candy Cane Train out of Bath.  This was a first for all of us, and even though we somehow ended up on a car that was less than heated, and without any working bathrooms, it was still a fun, festive ride.

We were disappointed to learn that our annual photo with our buddy and the dogs at the Bath Animal Hospital would not take place because the vet wasn't doing it this year.  After surveying other options, we settled on the Coastal Humane Society's picture with Santa. Hilarity, as usual, ensued for many reasons. I think what astounded us all was how long you boys sat on Santa's lap...when just a mere two years ago, you threw a total fit going anywhere near Santa.  

Soon enough, Christmas Eve was upon us.  It started out with a trip to your doc's office to confirm what you had been complaining out...a double ear infection.  Thank goodness for the quick work of antibiotics because while you were miserable for most of the day, by evening, you were almost back to your normal self.  Soon it was time to put you to bed, but first, you dictated your letter to Santa...and since you thought Santa would have too many cookies, you opted to leave him some pumpkin bread. 

Christmas morning, unlike last year, brought dismal rain and mild temps.  You slept in til nearly 7 am...and we had to actually wake you up, proclaiming that Santa had in fact come! That got you out of bed quickly.  Let the fun begin!

After the excitement of the morning, and Gabs getting her two stuffy gifts, we had breakfast and got ready to head to Grammie and Grampie's.  First item on the agenda was having Grampie read you a classic.

Like it does every year, Christmas came and went...but with each year that goes by, you get more excited, more into the spirit and likewise for Daddy and me, it gets more and more fun.  We had a couple of low key days, post-Christmas, to play, play, play...and then it was back to school for you on Monday.  Tomorrow is New Year's Eve...and 2015 will soon be upon us...we have so much to look forward to.  It's been a good year.