07 May 2011

The Birthday Boo!

A year. One year old.  A toddler. What?? Not my baby.  Not when I feel like we were JUST greeting him for the very first time.  Suffice to say, it's been an emotional week.  I'm known in my family to have an excellent memory. I remember minutia about events and people that others probably wouldn't care about.  I chalk it up to just being a really good listener.  So you can imagine that as the night before his birthday drew near, I was going to relive, in my mind's eye, every single moment leading up to the birth of our boy.  And I did. 
And on the eve of his birthday, I sat with him in the nursery, giving him his bottle, marveling at his growth, his cuteness, his clear path to superior intelligence...:) and then I grabbed the special book to read to him--"On the Night You Were Born".  It happened.  I start to cry.  Not some wimpy crocodile tears....I'm talking full on dry heaving sobs.  And this poor kid looked up at me, totally perplexed, wondering why his mama was sitting there dropping tears on his fresh pajamas...I couldn't help it.  As quickly as he came into this world and changed everything, is how quickly he has turned from my little peanut baby to a strong, robust toddler who will be walking any day now. 

It's so cliche that time by quickly, and children grow up too fast....but it's true.  Every day passing makes me realize how I have to remember these moments as best as I can...which is partly why I'm doing this blog...I want him to know that I remember everything now, and hope to remember everything then.  It's my gift to him.

I have to admit, when I realized that Garrett would have to be in daycare on his birthday because Terry had to work a big event at Borders, I was sad.  His first birthday! Spent without either one of us.  <insert teary sob here>  But then I realized he won't even realize it.  To him, it will be another day of play at what I like to call Palace Playland...a.k.a. daycare.  And of course, like every day, he had a fantastic day, and I could barely wait to pick him up.  Being his first birthday I felt no need to overwhelm him with toys...but I did want to decorate his highchair, and give him a few gifts to commemorate the day.  So this entry is going to be the pictures telling the story.  In a few weeks, we will celebrate Boo's birthday among family and friends.  I can't wait.

Hi Mommy.
I need my cupcake NOW.

I need a swig.

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  1. He made good work of that cupcake! Happy Birthday to such a sweet boy!