30 April 2011

The countdown to one...

What a spectacular day! My niece made her First Communion. And my boy? Who turns one year old in a little less than four days, was spectacular.  First, he was up much later than usual last night, not getting to bed til nearly 9:30.  And so I worried about what today would bring. Garrett got up at 7am...we trekked down to Grammie and Grampie's...he had breakfast, we rode with G&G to West Newbury for 10:30 and sat in Church til noon.  Not only did this child sit still for me, but he was smiley, quiet, and ever so charming to the lady sitting behind us. Did I mentioon it was also jam packed and about 10,000 degrees in there?

After church, we headed into Newburyport....took some family photos by the water...a beautiful spring day!

And then...after that, off to lunch! Garrett still in a great mood...happy, smiley...and I thought, uh oh...we now have at least another hour to get through...and no nap yet...he for sure will melt down. But I was so wrong...he had his lunch, we had ours....took tons more photos...and he was adorable and cheerful the whole time.  I keep thinking how he is soon to be a year old...already showing such wonderful signs of maturity. Well ok, maybe that's a stretch, but his easy going self just continues to amaze me, and makes me wonder what I ever did to get so lucky?

This picture is my favorite of the day.  He doesn't get to see his Uncle Asim very often and yet, warmed right up to him.

By the time we left Newburyport, it was around 2:15...this kid had managed to stay awake, cheerful and without incident since 8:30. Ah-mazing.  Of course, nearly the moment we got into the car, he passed out.  A well deserved rest.

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