31 December 2017

Ribbons, bows, wrapping, and tags ~ presents, packages, boxes and bags.

I'm listening to the weather right now as I write this, and it's like -2 degrees, a bitter frigid cold snap we've been having, and suffice to say, I'm already done with winter. Earlier this month, we had such beautiful temperatures, we took advantage and went to a favorite weekend spot.

 A few busy weeks of school, work, Christmas shopping, and soon the big day would arrive. Our plans changed when we realized we were in for a snowstorm on Christmas day.  Instead of going to Grammie and Grampie's then, we went Christmas Eve, which saw a sparkling blue calm before the storm type of day.  Aunt Meara, Uncle Asim, and cousins Hannah and Leah were there too, and we kicked off Christmas with a bang!

 Madeleine received her own princess tent from Auntie Meara and Uncle Asim was kind enough to take over the duty of setting it up immediately :) 

Then Maddy decided her pants had to go while she tested out her new fuzzy elephant chair from Grammie and Grampie...

Christmas Eve wore out Maddy, so she didn't last long before she was dreaming of sugarplums and prancing reindeer. It was up to Garrett to prep the snack and letter for Santa before heading off to bed and waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.

All that was left to do was the waiting...

And wait we did...Christmas morning arrived...Dad and I were up...waiting.  Coffee and Bailey's in our cups, while the kids slowly awakened to find that Santa had, in fact, come and gone. Let the fun begin!

And now it's New Year's Eve...the vacation week has crawled by with days spent indoors playing, gaming, The Last Jedi viewing, and just being together.  Christmas day win was the family receiving from Santa the game Uno Attack.  We've probably played a zillion times since receiving it. We took a quick overnight trip down to the cousins house in MA for some snuggle time with Marley the dog, and play time with Hannah and Leah.  

It's time to start thinking back on this crazy year and remaining hopeful for 2018.  Until then, thank you to everyone who helped make this Christmas special and memorable--Grammie and Grampie, Auntie Tanya, Auntie Meara and Uncle Asim, Hannah and Leah, Madeleine's daycare provider Helen, Kerry, and all who celebrated with us. Merry Merry!

artistic talent credited to K. Read