27 November 2013


It's Thanksgiving eve and we're home watching the deluge of rain beat down upon the cars, street, and yard. There's a giant pool that's formed and is slowly expanding in what normally is our backyard.  I'm thankful it isn't snow.

We took the day off, you and me.  Spent the morning in our pjs, being busy. A Thanksgiving craft and chocolate chip cookies.  What could be better? The top turkey is one carefully constructed with your hand, with some guidance from me.  The bottom one? Let's just call that free-range.

Thanksgiving is so late this year, which means soon everything holidayesque will be bearing down upon us. Wait, let's be real, it already is, and we've spent the week listening to Christmas music. Helloooo, Johnny Mathis!

In reading the past two Thanksgiving posts before composing this one, I find myself still just as thankful for all those things today as I was then, with maybe a few additions.

Right now, I'm thankful for my hand therapist, who has helped me, in a short amount of time, regain much use of my finger and hand after the "incident". It's allowing me to make the apple pie I'll be bringing for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  I'll be careful slicing those apples.

I'm thankful that earlier this morning, I let Gabby outside to go pee and noticed the rear passenger window was WIDE OPEN because SOME little boy I know likes to have his window down while we ride home to "feel the cool air on my face", thus rendering the car seat and most of the backseat quite soaked.  Why am I thankful for this? I'm thankful I caught it when I did and didn't get any worse. 

I'm thankful for the upcoming holiday season, and you being at an age where I think you're finally and truly going to enjoy it.  We've got so much planned, so many fun things to see and do.  I can't wait to let the magic of the season envelop us and whisk us away to all things North Pole, Santa, and Christmas.  The other night, we went down to Freeport, to see the tree lighting at LL Bean.  As we were driving down Main Street, the holiday lights twinkling all around, you breathed in and said "Look at all the pretty decoration! Christmas is everywhere!" 

I'm thankful to have a job that gives me these days to enjoy...not only Thanksgiving but also the day after, and the flexibility to take the day before, today, off. Five day weekend, here we come.

I'm thankful for our family, near and far. 

I'm thankful for friends, both old and new. I'm thankful for your little friends, too.

Last week, we had the first snow of the season, and we did play outside.  I'm thankful I captured these moments of you and your pal.

I'm thankful for Pooh and 'Yore' and that they still exist.  I don't know what we'd do if we lost them.  And I do so love that when someone asks you who they are, you say "Classic Pooh and Yore."  Classic Pooh indeed.

 I'm thankful that for the most part, you stay in your bed, in your room, all night.  Thank you.  Please continue to do so!  And I'm thankful that you still take afternoon naps.  Please continue to do so!

So, on this dreary Thanksgiving eve, with much to be thankful for that is mentioned or not, let us enjoy the day tomorrow, quietly spent with Grammie and Grampie, indulging in the feast, and looking forward to all the wonders ahead.  

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours...

17 November 2013

In stitches.

Who knew it would take a slice and dice to the hand for you to get the message and stay in your bed all night?  But that's exactly what happened.

I'll spare you the gory details but suffice to say, just about two weeks ago, Mama had a mishap in the kitchen involving a sweet potato and the totally wrong knife. So I'm typing this post one-handed since my left is stitched, splinted, and rendered useless at the moment.  That being said, the day after this unfortunate incident, I sat you down and had a serious talk about how I was really hurt and simply could not be getting up in the middle of the night to get out of bed and go to yours.  Your eyes turned saucer-like as I plead my case and made a big deal (if maybe a teensy exaggerated for your benefit) about the need for you to stay in your bed, and in your room.  You nodded earnestly and said ok. 

And there was the turning point! You haven't left your room or awoken in the night since. Now you do make a big deal out of it in the morning, and so naturally so do I because I'm so proud of you.  

You sometimes still find ways to complain about your room...my favorite and the latest being "My bed is TOO comfy!" Whaaaat?  But it's short-lived.  I hope I'm not jinxing it but so far, it's been pretty great. Keep it up, sweetie!

Now some highlights from the week...they include your twirling of "Eyeore's tail", our dinner date the other night after work, a cute Winston, your adorable profile, morning at your Auntie's house, intensity at the library keyboard, and inhaling some pancakes/syrup and maple bacon gelato.  Oh yeah, we did that.

And I was finally able to record you doing the sweetest of rituals:

04 November 2013

Halfway to Four.

Happy 1/2 Birthday! Today is your day. You are 3 1/2 and halfway to the unbelievably staggering fact that you'll be 4.years.old. To say time is progressing at warp speed is an understatement.

Half birthdays have always been a big deal and acknowledged in some way by the Keegan clan. And why shouldn't they? When you're young, as you are now, it can represent significant milestones from just the prior 6 months.  And so this morning, on this frigid winter-like day, as we made our commute, I exclaimed to you, Happy 1/2 Birthday! Your response was underwhelming. I don't think you quite got the importance as you were quick to point out that your birthday had already passed, and then proceeded to tell me who's birthdays are next, and those that have gone by.  But the fact is, today is a special day and will always be celebrated.

For the past 6 months, I've been compiling what I had originally dubbed "Three-isms", but maybe more accurately can be known as "Garrett-isms", and simply more of my favorite things about you. 

At 3 1/2 (and clocking in at 40 inches, 40 lbs, according to our doc visit last week), you're unbelievably vocal, have endearingly comical expressions, and already seem equipped with a memory that hopefully will continue to grow as you do.

So here they are...those things that make you, uniquely you.

~When you can't hear something, "What you say?" or "Whatta make-ah that sound?" A favorite of Daddy's and mine.  

~The way you tell stories in the the 3rd person as in "Garrett and Daddy went to the playground"

~The sassy way you say "Oh, fiiiiiiine," when I've asked you repeatedly to do something and you finally agree.

~The way you read Goldilocks to me on the our commute and how you actually do the different voices of the three bears.

~When you start off with "'Member when I was little..."

~"Don't leave without me!" when I threaten to do so if you're dawdling in the morning or at school pick up time.

~Your inability to understand when something isn't happening right away and you insist "Please do that now?"

~The way you pronounce avocado as "apple-ah-cado"

~Your instant need to do things yourself, "I do it by my own!"

~How you insist during every commute that we are in a jungle being chased by some scary beast, be it a bear, a lion, or a narwhal. 

~When you're clearly not in the mood to discuss your day and you declare, "I not talking."

~But how you always ask Daddy and me "How's your day? How's your work?"

~The random moments when you say to me "You a queen!"

~Your concern over my mood and feelings: "Are you so mad?" "Are you so happy?"

~The kinda funny way you mimic what I say (so I have to really be careful!) "C'mon people!" or "Gabby, go to your bed!"

~Your concern over a horse that we pass on our commute, who is in his paddock by himself, and you say "That lonely horse need a friend."

~How you always look for the horse next door, who we've named Brownie, and how all summer long, you would say "Look at Brownie's sunglasses!" when he'd be wearing the bug guards.

~How you've started to say "Oh, bother." just like Winnie the Pooh.

~How you randomly break out into nursery rhymes like "Hey Diddle Diddle," "Hickory Dickory Dock," and "Baa Baa Black Sheep."  And when you read the five little monkeys book you yell "...one fell off and broke his head!"  It cracks me up every time.

~The way you say 'tailfeathers!' which is a funny line Old Brown says in the Peter Rabbit show.

~As we, for example, pull away from Grammie and Grampie's house, and you say to yourself "Bye Grammie and Grampie," then so seriously say "they can't hear me."

~How you give Pooh and Eyeore the Giraffe (known as Yore) a hug and kiss and you have them give you one every morning when I drop you off to school.

~How your comfort zone is to twirl Yore's well-worn tail between your ring and pinkie fingers.

~Simply when you say "I love you too, mommy."

~How every night, you give the gentlest of kisses to these somewhat fragile Pooh and friends figurines that sit on your night table, and how you bring each one to your cheek to have them softly kiss you goodnight.  It melts me every time.

~How you love to help me in the kitchen and when I let you crack the eggs, you proclaim "I'm a good cracker!"

~The emphatic way you sing the potty song. "When you have to go potty, STOP, and go right away......Flush and wash and be on your way!"

~When I pretend to be scared of something and you say "Don't worry mommy, I save you."

~How you pronounce superhero---super-here-ee-oh.

~How you pronounce restaurant---res-tah-want.

~The love you have for Gabby, and how you remind me that "She is my doggy", and hers in return for you.  I love how when I say "Drop the ball for Garrett," she drops it right in front of you. 

~Your manners.  At every meal, unprompted, you thank me for your plate of food.  If daddy cooks, you do the same.  If we go out, you thank the server and then us.  Don't ever lose that.  Thank you's are so important and I'm thrilled and you're getting that message.

~You know your family.  When I ask who they are, you rattle off everyone. "Garrett, Daddy, Mommy, Grammie, Grampie, Auntah Meara, Uncle Sim, Hannah, Leah, Auntah Tanya, and Uncle Seth.  Oh and Gabby, Winston, Josey, and Franklin.  They all love me."

Yes, honey, they sure do.