19 May 2011

Food. Books. Friends.

Last night, I got to experience something that feels rare these days.  An evening spent with some fellow moms and our babes, discussing a book that we had all read, with the author who wrote it.  How often does that happen? It started out a little iffy mainly because Major Crankypants was in the house. I had raced home from work, quickly packed his dinner, and back in the car we went to my friend's house that was hosting.  Of course, with so much to lug inside, including him, I had to put him down at some point to get his highchair seat.  And he lost it.  Of course, he appears to also be cutting his molars, so he is NOT happy.  It seemed like an eternity before I could get him situated, comfortable and with food. Then, as if a switch turned off, he was fine.  And then he became Mr. Charmer.  Typical. :)

Our evening was awesome.  Not only did we have meaningful, rich conversation, but we got to know this author and discover more insight to certain events in the book.  I think what was most inspiring to me was the fact that I was surrounded by such amazing women, our children contently playing, chatting, entertaining themselves among us, and there was such comfort, warmth, and genuine comraderie.  This because in one way or another we all related to the book on some level. 

The bottom line? There's just something really special about being in a group of women who can so comfortably get together and have such rich dialogue, after dealing with all the distractions and stresses of our days.  Finally, nearing 9:30pm, we reluctantly called it a night--I think because our babes were waaaaay past their bedtimes and it was beginning to take its toll.  We filed out of the house, each going our separate ways, whether that was just across town or to Portland as in the author's case or Lewiston as was for someone else.   What an emotional high.

For more information on this incredible book or to see where the author will next give a reading, please visit: Caitlin Shetterly, Author

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