09 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Every once and awhile, along comes a day that is so perfect, you just don't want it to end.  I can't believe we've had two weekends in a row that have been like that for us.  Today was Mother's Day...and of course Terry's one day off with the both of us.  We like to make it count, especially when the weather is nice. And after all, this is Maine.  Last weekend was Camden.  Today was Damariscotta and Pemaquid Point.  And this time, we brought the Gabs!

We left around mid morning, among clouds and hoped that as we headed north, it would get sunnier.  Had a late breakfast in Damariscotta, then headed to the Colonial Pemaquid fort area, where there's an awesome rocky 'beach' that Gabs adores.  That dog needed to run badly.  She chased the ball until she was exhausted. Mission accomplished.

Then it was off to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse...another great thing about Maine---there always seems to be a lighthouse within reach. And so the four of us found a spot and flopped on the grass to appreciate the views.  Earlier, Terry had stopped in Reny's and bought Garrett his first giant ball.  Suffice to say, he LOVED it.  You know what else he loved? His first taste of blueberry ice cream.   

Whoa. What's THIS?

I think I'm gonna like this!

Do ya like my hat?

Yep I can stand with it.
Who's watching???

Hi Gabs!

I'm determined!

Got it!

Now what?

Unfortunately, the fog rolled in, and before we could no longer see the ocean or the lighthouse, we packed it in.  I wish these days could go on forever...too soon it's 8pm on a Sunday night and while Boo is tucked away safely in dreamland, we're both dreading the inevitability that is Monday morning and work.  But summer is almost here...and we are dreaming of introducing Garrett to our most favorite places.
Our tired puppy snuggling with her bone.


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