31 December 2015

Christmas wrapping 2015.

December was crazy warm.  No snow until the 29th and even in the Midcoast, it was nothing special.  So when Christmas day was around 60 degrees, getting outside to burn off the excited energy was definitely in the plan.

But let's back up.  Christmas morning...where you, Garrett, woke around 6am, opened your bedroom and door and exclaimed, "Santa was here!" Was there any doubt?  Your sister, also an early riser but much more chill, joined us and we dug into what had been patiently waiting under the tree.

Even Gabby got a new rope in her stocking for Christmas.

After breakfast, it's stocking time! 

After lunch, we sought fresh air and exercise as we went to enjoy the amazing mild temps that were giving us such a beautiful day. Sure, it wasn't a white Christmas, but how many Christmases in Maine do we get to spend it outside going for a family walk? You also decided to dress like a ninja and carry your newly acquired lightsaber. 

Oh wait, Maddy and I were actually there too.

Like all Christmases, the day itself flew by and soon we were done and basking in the greatness that was this special day. I finally got a few pictures of you and Madeleine in front of the tree. Many outtakes later...

The next day, we headed to Grammie and Grampie's to celebrate for a second time.   Grammie has always had a Christmas village on display, that even now as an adult, I love looking at.  And that nativity scene?  40+ years old. 

Post-Christmas was spent for the most part, playing! And then it finally all caught up to you:

The days that followed were also fun.  You and I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens...second time for you! Then we had a play date with your daycare bestie. 

And that's it. December is just hours away from being done and 2015 will come to a close. What a year it's been.