27 April 2014

Circus, Bowling and Dog Play.

I've come to the conclusion that we are not destined to have a spring.  It's been rainy and chilly and downright dreary for a few days now, and we are more than halfway through April. So when the outdoors isn't cooperative, we resort to plan b. 

Yesterday, we ventured to the Kora Shriner's Circus held in Augusta.  Let's be honest, who's a fan of clowns? Not this girl.  Even you seemed a bit skeptical, giving sideways glances to them when they tried to get your attention with a squeak of their shiny nose or their goofy voices.  It started at 9:30 and we had awesome seats.  The first thing we did was get some cotton candy, because of course that's exactly what we need that early.  We watched the tigers hang out in their cages and eagerly awaited the ringmaster to start the show.  It was a great circus...tigers, jugglers, acrobats, Alaskan malamutes, daredevils, funny guys, and a decked out, dancing elephant....this had it all.

After the circus, which was awesome, but slightly long at 2 1/2 hours (and you were exhausted)...although I have to say, you were a trooper, we headed to pick up our dog pal Buckley.  His human brother, your pal Nolan, had just become a big brother so we we'd be taking him home for a few days.  Gabby was thrilled...more on their playtime later.

Saturday night, we had a fun night out with two of my pals from work and their preschoolers.  It's always fun to watch a group of boys play together, especially at a restaurant like Buck's BBQ, which caters wonderfully to kids.  Super fun night.

Today brought yet another drizzly downer of day, so after breakfast out, we decided to take you bowling! I thought 9:30 on a Sunday morning would be dead, when in fact it was packed with families who had the same idea.  You were a pro! You even had a couple of strikes.  In fact, in our second game, you ended up in second place, totally crushing me. Good job!

Who knew you had such skills?  Granted, we were grateful for the bumpers and the helpful dinosaur but you did pretty great for your first time.  I see more bowling in your future!

To our surprise, by the time we got home, the sun was desperately trying to peek through the fog and clouds.  Perfect for some dog play.  You commanded the pups, at one point holding the ball way up high and shouting "Down, dogs, lay down!" I think we tired them out and it was nice to see their youthful puppy selves come back into play.  These dogs looove each other.

Seriously, could this boy and these dogs be any cuter together? 

After playtime, it was naptime for you and baby snuggle time for me, as I went to go visit Buckley's mommy who was looking radiant after just giving birth to another sweet baby boy yesterday.  It was also pal Nolan's birthday, which means he's four and a week from today, you'll be four! Staggering!

And so we wrap up yet another delightful weekend.  Discovering fun things, meeting new friends, enjoying just being with each other and having a blast.  Now onto the week--it's our birthday week...Daddy's, your's, and mine, all in a row.  Let's start celebrating!