26 August 2012

Dog Days and Thunderbirds.

The end of August is upon us. School's will soon be in session, our beach days will start to wane, and we'll be digging out the fall clothes before we know it.  It's been an awesome summer.  How does LL Bean celebrate the final days of August? By hosting the Dog Days of Summer--a day long event dedicated to Maine's favorite four legged friend.  So, when faced with what to do yesterday, I remembered this was happening, and took Garrett and Gabby for a stroll around Freeport while visiting the vendors dedicated to all things dog.

Gabs was in her glory.  Forget the 30+ pound kid attached to my back, everybody wanted to pet the Gabby and she lapped it up.  We saw all kinds of dogs--big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones, fluffy ones, all kinds.  All someone has to do is give Gabby a rub and she immediately does her famous 'lean in', making friends immediately.  It's times like these I'm reminded how much I love this girl. 

Garrett had a ball looking at all the dogs, watching them do tricks, and even making a few new furry friends of his own.  He loved pointing out all the different kinds we were seeing.
I tried desperately to get a group photo.  Neither G's wanted to cooperate.

After all that dogness,someone was wiped out.  Wouldn't take a nap however once home, so off we went again, this time to Brunswick for some errands and happened to go at the time when the magnificent Thunderbirds were doing their tricks.  This weekend was the Great State of Maine Air Show, held at the former Brunswick Naval Airbase.  We happened to be across the street from the base as the Thunderbirds went racing by at breakneck speed, sounding like explosions in the sky.  Garrett watched in awe and loved it.  

Sunday brought a day off for the whole family.  Another picture perfect day, so it was a no-brainer that we'd be heading off to the beach. First though, breakfast was in order.  Recently, we've become disappointed with our local spots. Crappy service + cold food x many times = us writing them off of our go-to places.

A couple weeks ago, I saw a write-up in the local rag about a renamed lobster joint in Brunswick that also happened to serve breakfast.  I admit, this place has intrigued me for years when it went by another name, but we never had the occasion to stop.  When I read that they indeed served our favorite breakfast items, I wanted to try it out. G had a pancake in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head, which made him giggle.  It was great. Can't wait to go back.  

Then off to Popham we went.  The tides jived with our timing, and we arrived to an endless span of sandy goodness.  Plenty of space to walk, run, and jump.  First though, a little playtime.

After a few hours of soaking up the sun, we headed back into town to try and catch some of the airshow without having to pay the exorbitant fee.  We got some lunch and headed to the Brunswick bike path, finding a gorgeous shady spot and relaxing by the water while watching the sky for tricks.  Garrett had more fun wrestling with Daddy.

In other big news, we hit a milestone this weekend.  G peed in his potty for the first time. I couldn't have been prouder.  This has been something that has been so daunting for me.  In the 2 plus years of G's existence, I feel like I've (we've) mastered the things that have come our way and it's been an easy ride.  But the idea of potty training has completely left me baffled. I know, it shouldn't but it does. I was lamenting this to a friend recently and he put it in perspective for me.  He said "I've never met a grownup who didn't eventually figure out how to use the bathroom."  So true.  That simple statement relieved some of the pressure and anxiety I've been feeling about this whole thing and just decided to go with the flow. Ha, no pun intended.  

I guess part of me has not really known when to allow G to sit and use the potty.  Should he just be walking around without a diap all the time, sitting when he feels like it? Where, in our already pretty structured routine, do I make room for this, and make it feel like there's no pressure or expectation coming from us?  Last night it came after bath.  He actually asked to use it.  So on he goes, his legs dangling gingerly from the froggy potty, while he intently watched Sesame Street. Within minutes, he stood up and said "I'm done!" And he was, having successfully peed and stayed within the boundaries of the froggy cup. 

Same exact thing happened tonight.  He had his bath, immediately asked for the seat, sat down and I heard it happen right away.  He gave me such a grin of accomplishment, my heart melted.  Our sweet baboo is growing up fast and the lesson that *I* take from this? G is on his own schedule.  It'll happen when it happens, and I need to relax and just enjoy the ride.  He knows exactly what he's doing, what he needs and how to communicate it to us.  Thanks for that lesson, G, I will do my best to remember it as we forge ahead in your childhood! 

Next up...how to teach him to stop saying the "F" word when he sees a picture of a fox...

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