19 August 2012

Vacation: wrapping it up with Rumpus and East End.

It's the time of the week that I despise the most.  Early evening on a Sunday, when the impending doom of Monday morning looms, inevitable of its arrival.  Made worse when one hasn't been to work in over a week, but instead spending some blissful days with my giggly munchkin, making me wish more than once that I was a SAHM.  But alas, our week together has come to an end, and it's back to work and school for us tomorrow.   

Yesterday started out pretty dreary.  To cheer us up, we cranked up the toddler tunes and had our own little dance party.  Then we got silly.

Tired of being in the house for the past couple days, it was time to get our Rumpus on. The Brunswick Arts Festival was also happening, so weaving our way through town was a challenge.  The whole ride over all I heard from the backseat was "ball pit! ball pit!" We got to the Rumpus Room and off G went, immediately to the slide (not the ball pit!), where he once was timid, now flies down at warp speed, landing in a pile of pillows. 

After awhile it was time for lunch.  Where else, but Big Top Deli.  Our fave.  It's so fun taking G out to lunch when he's in a good mood.  As usual, it was crowded.  We ended up sharing a table with a couple and their also two year old son.  The two boys instantly started checking each other out and then launched into their own toddler language.  I love the camaraderie parents have with each other when there are children in similar age.  We started comparing notes of the "mine" and "why" stages, and joked that a morning spent at the Rumpus Room (they had been there too) means an excellent afternoon nap is sure to follow.  That's exactly what happened for us, as evident by G passing out almost within seconds of being put back into the car after lunch.

Today brought a cerulean sky, not a cloud in sight.  Dad had to work, what to do? It's our last official day of vacation.  I considered the options and their pros and cons. Beach, while perfect for this day, would require too much gear for just me to deal.  Ogunquit was a serious contender until I realized the crowds would be overwhelming and really, did I want to spent the majority of the day in the car just getting to and fro? No. In the end, I decided on Mackworth Island...invited a Portland friend along, and off we went.  Until we got there and couldn't park.  Dislike.

No problem. There's always a plan b.  Ours was East End beach on the Eastern Promenade, always a breathtaking view.  We made it, staked out our spot, and enjoyed pointing out the tugboat races to G who, naturally, wanted in the water first thing.  After chucking some rocks and seaweed, we were content to stay back at the blanket, have snacks and chat.  

My patient friend indulged a need for me to try the 'famous' Otto's Pizza and off we went to lunch.  By now, a very silly no-real-nap Garrett was pretty punchy and trying desperately to entertain a very moody looking family who was sitting outside our window.  To no avail.  That said, the pizza did live up to it's reputation. De-lish.

The end of the day wound down, and soon we were home, contemplating a light dinner, bath time and bed.  As I put him down to sleep for the night, we giggled as we talked about our week; places we went, friends we saw.  Tomorrow starts the daily grind, and this past week will just be a memory, captured in these entries.  Summer is winding down, darkness is coming earlier, the approach of Fall on the horizon.  We'll be picking apples, pumpkins, and enjoying hayrides and cool nights.  Here's hoping we have a little bit of summer still left to look forward to.  

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