02 September 2012

Fare thee well, Summer.

Here we are.  All of a sudden  leaping into Fall, with hoodies, cozy pjs, and evening cups of tea.  So typical of New England, we go from high temps in the 80s to cool, crisp nights, and chilly days.  I do love autumn, but it signifies so much---the dread of seeing the school bus come lumbering down the road (I still get that urge to flee feeling when I see it round the corner), the return of students to campus, apple and pumpkin picking, Halloween, and then of course winter and the holiday season.  Simply put, summer is too short.

We've had a fantastic one though, but this weekend, Labor Day, marks the end. We're making the most of it.

Earlier this week, campus had a picnic for faculty and staff to sort of 'welcome' us back into the academic year.  Bates knows how to put on a good party, that's for sure.  The day started iffy, with showers in the morning.  Magically, it ended beautifully and we enjoyed a fantastic bbq with linen-covered tables and as always, an amazing spread.  Since this was a totally family-friendly event, Terry and Garrett joined in the festivities.  My favorite was watching G locate his best daycare buddy, wondering out of context what he was doing there...then watching the two tear down the quad in a full sprint chase. G's favorite part? Making his own whoopie pie.  

Next up on the week's agenda was enjoying a picnic in the park.  Every Wednesday this summer, Brunswick has hosted a live concert with a variety of local bands in various genres.  We went to the one a couple weeks ago that featured children's night, and this past Wednesday was the last one--a blues band.  Our picnic consisted of Subway subs and hilarity.  G loves these concerts.  He totally grooves and finds ways to make it fun for himself.  This time, it was using the ridiculously long tail of a kite that T had in his car to run circles around and around.  Another little boy and girl soon joined in with him and we watched as the kids just entertained each other for at least half an hour.  One word to describe these kids--energetic!


Finally, the long weekend.  Saturday was a beautiful fall-ish day. We had breakfast at our fave Freeport spot, the Fresh Batch, and met a friend to go to Wolfe's Neck Park.  Gorgeous spot, great for small hikes and just a tranquil view of the sea.  We brought the Gabs with us.

Then today. Sunday.  Awoke to the three D's--damp, dreary, and drizzly.  We had nowhere to be until later in the afternoon, so it was time to get creative with some indoor play.  Bring out the paints!

Knowing we had a bbq to go to in the afternoon, and in trying to figure out what to bring, it occurred to me that filling the house with the enticing scent of chocolate chip cookies baking is the perfect activity for a rainy Sunday.  Garrett had a blast helping, and sampling the finished product. He did have a teeny bit of cookie dough and proclaimed "It tastes good!"

Then he got to sample.

Then, as a perfect way to end the day, given that it finally cleared up and became sunny and lovely, was a bbq at a good friend's house.  G had an absolute blast.  From almost the get-go, he was off and running, playing with his buddies, but also making new friends with older kids.  I've noticed this about G.  He's totally into playing with the older ones, and isn't afraid or shy to get right in there and stake his spot.  Love that about him.  He and his friend A are up to their usual shenanigans. 

There were some free-range chickens in the next yard over.  I wish I captured the sound
effects that G was making as he was trying to chase these chickens.

Tomorrow we all have the day off.  It promises to be sunshiney, cool, and delightful.  How will we say goodbye to summer? 

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