14 August 2012

Vacation: day two.

Day two of our vacation.  It's August in Maine, which means it's HOT.  Where do we go on hot days? The beach!

Yesterday we went to Popham for the umpteenth time this summer.  Naturally we spent most of the time down at the water.  I even went in the whole way. Dad thinks I'm nuts but hey, I practically grew up in these icy waters, and you're a true Mainer.  If we don't go in, you're not going to want to.  You went with me, and had a blast.  Your giggles competed only with the crashing of those frosty waves.  Boy, did we have fun.  Dad got you a kite and we flew that the whole walk around the beach.   I forgot how fun kites can be. Definitely more of that in our future.  Dad and I also put together a Pooh puzzle for you.  There was a time when we did tons of puzzles, and even glued/framed some of them.  We've had this one for awhile and decided it was time to finish it.  You wanted to help. Someday you can. 

Day two of vacation was another hot one.  But this time, we trekked up to Boothbay with our buddies to spend the day at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.  This is one of those places that one can go over and over again and not get tired.  There are so many beautiful flowers, and the children's garden is spectacular for our curious tots.  These boys are hysterical together, and the little bit older they get, the more comfortable with interacting and playing with each other they are.  To listen to their toddler banter in the backseat of the car or while running back and forth on the grounds is priceless.  A thousand cute and funny things happened today and yet impossible to capture them all.

Suffice to say, we had such a blast with our friends, and so many laughs.  We fondly remembered the days we carted you around in the baby Bjorns, only now to see you running full speed here and there, touching, smelling, and even tasting (water from the fountains, Garrett, is NOT the same as that from your cup).

Tomorrow's supposed to be cloudy and maybe rainy. We're supposed to go to a children's concert on the Brunswick mall in the evening.  But what will the day bring?

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