16 August 2012

Vacation: day four, rain and sniffles

Day four and we woke up to thunder, a steady drizzle, and sore throat for me, runny nose for G.  Excellent.  Although if we had to feel this way, at least it happened on a rainy day and not a perfectly beautiful one.

Of course when you're the sick mom of a toddler, the toddler has no concept that you don't feel like doing anything but lying on the couch in a semi-coma, with a cold compress to your head and in comfy pjs all day.  Although I do think he knew something was up because randomly throughout the day I'd get a "y'ok, Mom?"  

We did leave the house once for, where else, Target. Of course while in Target, because he has a habit of wanting to run full speed down the aisles, I had to bribe him (shameful but true) to be a good boy with promise of a Frosty's donut. That worked.  Even though we weren't feeling well, a donut always does the trick.

In debating what to have for dinner, the cold rain made me want to stop at our local butcher, Bisson's. They make the most amazing pot pies.  On the way home, we picked up some native corn and a beef pot pie. Perfect.

The rest of the day was spent snoozing, cuddling, and watching a lot of Sesame Street.  I had good intentions of making chocolate chip cookies but we just couldn't make it off the couch.  

Dad came home early, pot pie in the oven, and corn ready to go. (Here's an awesome tip my mom told me about corn...microwave two ears, still in the husk, at a time 4 minutes each, so 8 total.  When done, remove carefully with potholder from micro, and chop off at least an inch off the end that does NOT have the silk attached.  Shake the silk end and the cob falls straight through the husk without any silk, and completely cooked.  It worked for me tonight and it was absolutely fantastic.) Boo approved.

Now the rain has stopped, the sore throat is gone, but the sniffles remain.  Here's hoping tomorrow brings brighter skies and an immunity boost.

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