15 August 2012

Vacation: day 3, Children's Concert Hysterics

We're halfway through our vacation and I hadn't really planned anything for today because the brilliant meteorologists were calling for rain.  Didn't happen. Well it did, but only for about five minutes. I was hoping it wouldn't put a damper on our evening plans, which were to meet up with our buds, M and N, and their mommies, on the Brunswick mall for a children's concert.  

It turned out to be a beautiful evening and the hilarity that was the three of these boys together was something to see.  Seriously. Every time I think I've seen the best or the cutest, they outdo themselves and bring on more enchanting behavior.  They could have been the entertainment.

Our little introvert seemed to burst out of his shell tonight, running all over the place, up the stage, across the yard, and at one point, joining the musician to shake instruments and when given the mic, blew a sufficient puff of air that echoed through the crowd.  What do I take out of these moments?  My friend said it best tonight...how lucky we are to live in this little community that offers these wonderful concerts, bringing people together, bringing friends together.  And I love that G has these buds, who he clearly adores (pushing and shoving are at least always done with a smile on his face...) and that they are continuing to grow up together, building a forever bond.  Priceless.  The pictures say it all.


  1. I love the maracas duel and the one with Marcus' crazy expression!

    1. I laughed hysterically looking at these until I got to the one of them running and holding hands and I burst into tears! Just when I think I want to freeze time and keep them little forever, another wonderful moment happens along. So many wonderful moments to look forward to capturing with all of our boys!