01 January 2014

All good things...or so they say.

And just like that, our holiday break is done.  It feels like just yesterday (20 December to be exact) I was reveling in being off with you until January 2nd.  And now it's the eve of that day, and I find myself wishing we had just a few more days.  We didn't necessarily do all the things we had in mind, since we were hampered by such cold and snowy days...but we made the most of it.  

Today was lovely though, as we spent it with friends, sledding, taking in the beauty of the outdoors, and just playing.  Playing is good. Real good.

Tonight as you were brushing your teeth, you said, "I had so much fun with you this week, Mommy."  Me too, my sweet, me too.  

With more snow impending tomorrow and Friday, it's good that we got this outside play in! Your buddy, our neighbor the horse, who we affectionately call Brownie, was also outside enjoying the sunshine.  I couldn't resist taking his picture for you too.

Our vacation is over, so this good thing must come to an end.  We'll just be counting down until the next one...

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