31 December 2013

Oh What a Year...

2013, the year's come and gone,
It's hard to believe the holiday season is also so done.
But let's start at the beginning of this wonderful year,
(and see if I can get through this post without shedding a tear!)

We started the year making new friends in tumbling class,
Bouncing and running, the trampoline was a blast!
You had sleepovers at Grammie's, and rode Thomas the Train,
We spent our birthdays weekend in Ogunquit, for once it didn't rain!

You left the two's and turned the big 3,
It was a 90 degree day when we had your dinosaur par-ty!
We went camping and fishing, roasted s'mores and swam a lot,
Went to Santa's Village and Storyland, man it was so hot!

At Santa's village, you made friends with the big guy himself,
and played a game that had you searching for every single Christmas elf.
At Storyland you conquered roller coasters galore,
and didn't you ask to go on that !@#$% 'Turtle Twirl' more than once more!

The summer also brought beaches, festivals, and a zoo,
You went to your first circus, the Circus Smirkus, and that was fun too!
We did Ogunquit with your cousins, then Camden and Rockland with me,
You took your first boat ride to Peaks Island with Grammie and Grampie.

We had lots of dates, me and you, all done together,
Apple-picking, pizza night and park picnics, all in stellar weather.
Of course there were trips to the Gardens, and the MSA to see big fish,
Getting you potty trained this year has been my biggest wish.

Ah yes, the potty...the host for #1's and #2's...
You do look so cute in your superhero underoos.
We took hikes with Gabs in the Brunswick Town Commons and picked strawberries in a patch,
You saw your first fireworks, and learned to play catch.

Five Guys came to town--you call it the "hangleburger shop",
We go there a lot, it's just too delicious to stop!
The fall brought some changes, a new room and big boy bed,
We said farewell to the crib and soon our nights filled with dread.

You cared not for your bed nor your cozy sweet space,
You'd get up in the night, every night, and that was not a fun place.
But like all phases, you managed to turn a corner and stop,
For that we were rewarded with trips to the gelato shop.

Fall also brought pumpkins, a visit from Aunt Tanya and Uncle Seth, and Wolfe's Neck Farm,
Too bad it was sorta rainy, and sadly not all that warm.
Alas! The holiday season was upon us...
Multiple Santa sightings and sittings, no fear from you, a big plus!

The annual pic with you, Gabby and friends went splendid for once,
I won't lie, I'd been anticipating this for not one but several months!
We rode once again to the cold and wild North Pole,
On a freezing steam train we sat, with other brave souls.

We rode horse and wagons, went sledding and had lots of cocoa,
Baked cookies, ate cookies, and saw decorations aglow.
Christmas was magical, and now it's over til next year,
So many other things happened in 2013, though not all filled with cheer.

The Ravens won the Superbowl, despite a black-out,
'Argo' won for Best Picture, the Oscar did shout.
The world was introduced to Francis the Pope,
It seems traditions are departing, giving Catholics new hope.

There were the outrageous trials of Zimmerman and Arias,
and that phenom Harlem Shake, I still don't know what that is.  
Civil war in Syria, and NSA leaks,
Marriage equality across the nation, and Target's big breach.

Famed Chef, Paula Deen, found herself in some hot water,
Providing all the late night hosts some quality fodder.
Boston's bombings in April saw its darkest day,
But rebounded in October for a celebration on Yawkey Way.

Sox won the World Series, in games that were long,
Once again proving that Boston stands Strong.

There was Miley and 'twerking', and the selfie made news every day,
Government shutdown, Obamacare, and we asked "What does the fox say?"
The world waited and waited for Royal baby George to be born,
2013 proved a heavy year for all those who we mourned.

Tom Clancy, Lou Reed, Esther Williams to name just a few,
Paul Walker, Peter O'Toole, and Helen Thomas, also passed too.
Marcia Wallace played Edna Krabappel on the Simpsons, a long running show,
Fans of Glee's Corey Monteith hope that star stays forever aglow.

Ed Lauter played SJP's strict dad in 80's flick, "Girls Just Wanna have Fun,"
Among others who left us, an Oz flowerpot munchkin.
Eleanor Parker played Sound of Music's Baroness,
We lost James Gandolfini, the Soprano's top mob boss, we surely not jest.

Margaret Thatcher, Ed Koch, and Dr. Joyce Brothers too,
All passed in 2013, we'll miss Roger Ebert's best movie review.
Annette Funnicello, of the original Mickey Mouse Club cast,
Archie's Edith, Jeanne Stapleton, did too also pass.

The world lost a giant in Nelson Mandela, a true hero and legend,
May all those who left us this year rest in peace, so many not even mentioned.

As 2013 winds down, we look forward to starting anew,
Happy New Year to all, from our family to you!

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