15 January 2014

The Finale.

After 12 hours spent at Disney, and all of us collapsing into bed when we finally got home that night, we knew that Saturday, our last day, was going to spent poolside and relaxing. The weather was looking promising, although windy.  I think we all slept in until 8...late for us on this vacation, and headed into town for breakfast and last minute souvenir and snacks-for-the-plane shopping.

Then finally, we were lounging by the pool, and hot tub, or as you call it, the "hot pool".  I tried hard to think about the harsh winter iciness that would await us upon returning.  I'm pretty sure you enjoyed yourself.

After swimming the morning away, we drove over to the Disney Boardwalk, near Epcot.  Another beautiful spot, less crowded, and perfect for relaxing.  I can only imagine how alive this place must come at night, but for us, it was an ideal spot for lunching and exploring.

On the other side of the boardwalk was a small beach...sugary, velvet sand crushing underfoot.  You delighted in chasing gulls.

Our last night was spent once again in Downtown Disney.  One more shot of you and Pooh...good dinner at celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez' Crossroads at the House of Blues restaurant, and then an early bedtime because of our early departure. 

We awoke at 3am...checked to make sure everything was packed, and all the while you slept serenely. When it was time to wake you, you were a trooper.  You got dressed, slung your Lightening McQueen backpack on your shoulders, and hefted your way to the car.  You chugged your way through the airport, turning heads with your little stride, wide awake at 5am, in a strange airport.  You couldn't have been any better, so thank you. Thank you for making traveling easy! The flights were uneventful, albeit turbulent. (I do not wish to discuss THAT part of the trip as it's definitely the least fun)  We arrived in Manchester, NH just after 10:30am, finally got out and to the car by noon and made our way home. A quick lunch stop in Portsmouth, and then the lonnng sleepy trek back to home.  You slept the whole ride and into the afternoon.  Our vacation may be over, but the memories linger.  It was the most fun we've had in a long time and I hope it's a trip you remember for a long time, but if not, we have these posts to remind ourselves while we wait for the next time.  There'll definitely be a next time. 

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