13 January 2014

...And the adventure continues...

To continue the journey...

Thursday brought gray clouds and a drizzle.  Daddy, who never wakes up early unless he absolutely has to, was rarin' to go at 6:30. You and I, snuggled in the safe haven of the fluffy covers, did not want to even think about getting up.  We were on vacation after all! But alas, Daddy won out, and we soon got ready for breakfast.  Where does one go the day after long, onerous travel? The Waffle House, of course, where cheap, mouth-watering breakfasts reign supreme in hot crispy waffles, fluffy eggs, and salty bacon.  You were ready to conquer the day.

After breakfast, Daddy drove us around, and found a fun spot for us to spend a drizzly day. Wonderworks. Basically it's an upside down house, filled with all kinds of sciencey fun. We experienced a 5.3 magnitude earthquake, created lightning, stood in 70 mph hurricane winds, landed a space shuttle, created a hologram, saw a 4-d movie, and so much more. We had a blast. 

The afternoon brought a much needed nap for you, and us figuring out what to do.  Back to explore Downtown Disney...for as many times as we went in a span of a few days, you can't get tired of it.  It's simply part of the magic.  

We explored the Lego store, where the walls were an array of color.  Who knew those tiny little pieces could make such amazing creations?

That night, we decided to take a dinosaur adventure and eat at a restaurant simply called T-Rex.  

After our prehistoric expedition, we went walking to the other side of Downtown Disney. While it was a crush of people all the time, there was an energy that was really unlike any place I've been.  Music was blaring in all directions, the sites were incredible, the waftings from different restaurants were tantalizing, and the people-watching was perfect.  Such a fun evening.

Soon enough, it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for our big day on Friday. After all, the Magic Kingdom awaited us...

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