11 January 2014

Up, up and away.

As I write this, you are snuggled in a cozy cave of pillows, taking a much needed a nap after the past 24 hours of crazy.  

We passed a major milestone yesterday--your first airplane ride.  Not only one, actually, but two! And you did awesome.  I can't even believe it. Here's the story.

So we left at 8am yesterday, making our way south to Manchester, NH, which was the starting point of this adventure.  We made a quick pitstop at the Kennebunk rest area, to meet up with Grammie and Grampie and give hugs goodbye.  

The airport was uneventful.  We arrived in plenty of time, made our way through security, where you received several junior tsa stickers, and a smiley face on your boarding pass.  Then your Lightning McQueen backpack was confiscated for further examination because I had left your water bottle in there. Oops.   They were cool about it though, and off we went.

Let's get something straight.  I don't really like flying.  I used to.  I used to not mind it, actually enjoyed it, but now, because I don't do it so often anymore, and it's become such a hassle, it's not fun.  So my wits were already frayed by the time I got on the small plane and realized that I was not going to be sitting with you and Daddy.  Nope.  My seat was in the VERY first row and yours were in the 12th.  The 12th of maybe a 14 row plane.  I was seated on the aisle next to a rather portly fellow, deeply engaged with his Iphone. Annnnd then I started crying.  

So to cut to the chase, I basically didn't STOP crying until about half way through the flight when my seatmate, "Brett", decided to engage me in conversation rather than his Iphone and take pity on my highly emotional self and try to distract me.  Do you know what's worse then sitting there crying in the first seat of an airplane?  Trying to make it look and sound like you're NOT crying in the first seat of the airplane.  I'm sure he thought I was a total nutcase.

Anyway, the good news was, I couldn't hear you at all, and so I knew YOU weren't crying, in fact, you were having a blast.  I guess that's why I finally stopped. 

Finally, we circled the skyline I knew so well...the Washington Monument, Capitol, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Memorial...all within view. We had arrived to DC.  Being in the first row, and being the small plane that it was, we deplaned on the tarmac, and I stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting to see that blond head appear.  There he was, all smiles, "Hi Mommy, I had so much fun on airplane!"  Great, because we got another one coming up in about, oh, 20 minutes.

National Airport was packed.  No time to enjoy a reprieve.  I immediately had to see about getting our tickets changed because once again, none of us were slated to sit together. Once again, Daddy hit the jackpot and got to sit with you, in the first row, behind first class. I was four rows behind.  It was a packed flight, and a bigger jet. 

Ok, I started this post two days ago and what can I say, we've been a little busy. Disney will do that to you...there is so much to write about.  Tomorrow we leave, and I'll catch up on the other days then.  Our entire 12 hour day at Disneyworld will be a post unto itself.  For now, let's continue on our journey here.

So, yeah, I wasn't seated with you on the flight from DC to Orlando, but Daddy had it covered and I felt a little more relaxed.  I may have only sniffled the first half an hour or so, instead of half the flight.  The plane was packed, and soon it appeared there was some medical issue with a passenger in the row ahead and diagonal of me.  It was distracting, but nothing seemed to be happening until we landed.  I finally found myself giving into the fatigue of the day and took a snooze.  When I woke, we were over the clouds, hovering and coming into Orlando.

When all was said and done, we arrived to our hotel at around 7:30.  The weather was balmy and humid...my dry, cracked New England winter skin was literally sucking up the moisture.  We dropped off the bags and went across the street, essentially, to what is known as 'Downtown Disney'.  A mecca of shops, eateries, and fun for kids of all ages. It was MOBBED.  On a random Wednesday night in January, this placed was packed.  We walked around, got a bite to eat, and just enjoyed being in short sleeves.  You were rather fond of this fishtank and crocodile found outside of the giant Rainforest Cafe.

As it was closing in after 9pm, it was time to head to the hotel.  It had been a long day, and you handled it like a champ.  I can't believe you didn't have any meltdowns, you didn't scream on the plane, you basically were pretty great.  Thank you.

So we got ready for bed, ready for the adventure that lay ahead. Stay tuned...

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