03 August 2015


Ok, it's officially three months since you're birthday and I've yet to write up and catch up on all there is to say. I find myself in a rare moment of actually having the brain power to do so...Madeleine is napping, you're still at school, and I'm on vacation.  Let's do this. (Ok, I started this post earlier this afternoon and of course was interrupted. Can I make it to the end this time?)

So here's the thing.  You turned five this year. A milestone. My favorite number. It's special. It means the start of so many exciting adventures.  And we celebrated...a few times, actually...but just not with your buds.  Yeah I know.  I'm a terrible mom.  You had no kid party.  I didn't get to make one of my special decorated cakes.  I just didn't have it in me.  But before you yell at me, think about it.  Your sister wasn't even two months old yet.  Translation---I just didn't have the energy to pull it together.  Oh I thought about it many times...I had a few ideas...but the downside of your birthday in the best month is...well, it's not always the best month of weather.  So I usually err on the cautious side and want to do something indoors. This year though, I just could never get my act together.  But like I said, we did celebrate! We celebrated with Grammie and Grampie...we celebrated here at home as a family...as you'll see in the following photos.

First, let's look at the birthday interview.  I started this with you last year...it's funny to see how the answers changed.  Last year and now this year:

Avengers rule the day.  

Now to catch up on the photos.  First celebration was with Grammie and Grampie.  

Next up, your birthday at home. 

So despite not having a party with your pals, I think you ended up having a pretty great birthday. I know we loved helping you celebrate and having Madeleine with us was just so special. Five is a big year for you buddy...enjoy it to the fullest.  

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