29 August 2015


I've been trying to write this post for several days, as the speed train known as kindergarten is hurtling towards us in now only two days.  Less than two days actually. I've been trying to string together all the poignant things I'm feeling, but I can't come up with the words. Or, if I find the words, they're blurred by the eyes that won't stop tearing.  The moment has arrived. So for now, I'll just say it in pictures.  

It started with cub club...back in the winter.  You got introduced to your big boy school and got the lay of the land.

Then came your last day of preschool,which happened to be the same night you met your teacher for the first time...how far you've come in just a year. And how excited you are for this adventure to begin. But all that said, you're still going to miss the caring adults who've taught you and nurtured you this past year.

The smile says it all. You're ready.  K-ready. 


  1. Dear Garrett,

    Tomorrow you will be embarking on a new adventure in Kindergarten. I would like to take a moment to wish you Good Luck in school. I am so lucky to get to know you better throughout the summer. Your smiles and enthusiasm are contagious and everyone around you cannot help it but be as happy as you! At Bright Start this is the way we say goodbye: See you later, alligator, see you later, friend of mine. We've had a great time, give a BIG cheer, See you later, friend of mine!! We Love You and Best of Luck!! With Love, Miss Eve@ Bright Start!

    1. Thank you for such the kindest words, Miss Eve! Garrett grew leaps and bounds in just a short year during his time at Bright Start and we are so appreciative of your loving guidance. He will miss you and hopes we continue to run into you in Hannaford :)
      xo, Alison