04 June 2014

The quiz.

I can't believe I forgot about the birthday quiz. I wish I had thought to do this last year, when you turned three, but better late then never. We asked you this at the end of the day on your birthday, and some of the answers were predictable, but others surprised us! The goal is to do this every year until...well until we just don't do it anymore.

Okaaaaaaay, now let's analyze.  The first five didn't really surprise me...although we read Bear Snores On way more when you were younger (younger! ha! as if you're some old man).  Your favorite show being Arthur surprised me only because while you used to watch it alot, you haven't in awhile.  

The next one is baffling...Milk and Corn??? Ok milk I understand...it's what you drink half of the time, the other half being water.  So milk I get.  But corn? Honestly, I thought you were going to say spaghetti and meatballs...or pizza....or tacos...or hamburgers (or as you say, 'hangleburgers').  So corn really threw me for a loop and even though it was the first thing you said, I had to question it and say reaaaally, are you SURE CORN is your favorite?  Yep.  Alright then.

Favorite thing to do with your family...clean up dishes?!?! HAHAHAHA! Oh sweet boy, you're on your way to being the perfect helper.  No, seriously, you love putting your own dish into the sink after dinner, and ours too. 

What makes you happy?  A word that has poop in it.  Yep, let the potty talk begin.
What makes you sad? Awww.  I think you are more sad when you know that you've done something that Daddy is not happy with...like when you don't listen...and when you don't listen.  And oh, when you don't listen.

Fave outfit? Cozy pants.  No shock there. Favorite animal...cow?? Not quite sure about that one. Your favorite song--the pooh/yore song, also known as Gotye's Somebody that I Used to Know.  Why? Because for some reason, the first time it played in the car, you were in the backseat bouncing your Pooh and Giraffe (who's name is Eyeore but you call Yore) and they apparently were dancing.  Then it became a song that you requested.  Once on the ride in to school, once on the ride home.  THEN one day you started singing back! It's hilarious and funny and I love that you apparently can carry a tune.

Favorite sport---bowling.  Ok this could be because lately we've been on a bowling kick, but if I were being honest, I'd say baseball, which you call "bat slam!" is your fave.  I cannot WAIT for you to be in tee-ball.

16 and 17...no surprises there.  18?  Made.me.melt.  19 was sorta surprising since the last time I asked you, you had a totally different answer.  We'll see! and finally, #20...a perfect answer.

It'll be fun to see how these answers change (or stay the same!) as the years progress... 

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