24 December 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas
We call it Christmas Eve
All the kiddies are awaiting Santa,
as are the Adults who still Believe.

It's been a magical season
So festive and fun;
We've taken lots of pictures with Santa
Your fear? No, there was none!

We've seen pretty lights, 3 alpacas, and many decorated trees,
Rode horse and wagons, old-fashioned steam trains, and 
Waddled in snow up to our knees.

We've watched Rudolph and Frosty, Mickey's Christmas and the Grinch too,
It seems 10,000 time at least for each,
How you don't tire of them
I haven't a clue.

We hung our ornaments with care and delight,
and baked tons of cookies for Santa
to leave on this very special night.

A few short hours til the season draws near to a close,
get a good night's sleep with sweet dreams 
of sugar plums, presents, family, and Rudolph's red nose.

Merry Christmas to our lovable Boo
I hope you enjoyed the magic of Christmas
as much as we love YOU!

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