15 December 2013

Alpacas, Santas, and Steam Trains.

Ten more days until Christmas! Today we find ourselves snowbound; hunkered down with over a foot of snow, staying in our pjs all day, and watching the birds anxiously grip the feeders in hopes of catching every last morsel.

We've kept busy these past two weekends, as part of our (or my) effort to make the most out of every single second of this holiday season.  Last weekend, we had our annual picture with Santa and friends at the Bath Animal Hospital.  Let's recap.  This is our fourth year doing so, as we started when you were just seven months old.  We go with your buddy Nolan, and we bring Gabby and he brings Buckley, and we amuse the workers of this vet, as they've watched you two little boys grow from babes uncertain on Santa's knees, to grown up little boys who are (thankfully!) all smiles.  Here were the results:

I love how when Santa asked what you wanted, you said, "a butterfly net."  I have no idea where that came from, but it sounded sweet and sincere and utterly charming.  

Sunday, we visited a local greenhouse that was hosting an alpaca event.  Who knew Alpacas could be so festive? But you loved meeting them, we both loved touching them, and it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.  At this greenhouse, we also bought two giant pinecones, slathered them peanut butter and then rolled them in birdseed to hang for our feathered friends.  

And then there's the way you make friends with every animal you find.  Somehow you found this greenhouse kitty and made friends instantly.  I love that about you.  

Fast forward to a week of work and school and the weekend is once again here.  Frigid temperatures for the past several days have made for alot of time spent indoors.  We remedied that yesterday when we took our second annual trip to the North Pole via the Boothbay Rail Village.  It was a gorgeous day.  We already had a blanket of snow covering the ground, so the sun reflecting off made for a sparkly, crystal clear day.  Perfect for a train ride.  The frosty temps continued as we waited inside the little train 'station' and even once inside the train itself.  But that didn't deter you from dictating your letter to Santa...for which you once again asked for a butterfly net.

Soon we heard the chuff chuff of the engine and it was time board. I gotta say, love the steam train, but I'm pretty sure they promised warmth and there just wasn't any to be had.  That's ok, you didn't seem to mind, as you clutched Pooh and watched out the windows in wonder.

Our train arrived to the North Pole, and we were ushered in for cookies and cocoa. A story was read, a few selfies of you and me, and Santa appeared, providing yet another photo op.  

Then a few more 'together' shots :).

Soon enough, we boarded back on the train to go.  You insisted Pooh get his own seat.

While we waited for our friends to come back from their train ride, we explored the grounds.

And so that brings us to today.  We were supposed go on yet another train ride, this time from Bath to Wiscasset, with Santa, the elves, and more cocoa and cookies.  It's called the Candy Cane Train and I bought the tickets ages ago, eagerly anticipating what I think would be a gorgeous train ride, especially with snow.  Alas, waking up to nearly a foot of snow did not make me eager enough to go on the train.  So we missed it this year, maybe next year we'll try again.

Instead, we've stayed in our pj's, watched Christmas shows, and are attempting a gingerbread house. (The latter is still a work in progress.) I'm also fighting a nasty cold and you have a few sniffles too so it's just as well we make our own cocoa, admire our tree, and watch the snow fall.  

Ten more days, my sweet...ten more.

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