03 August 2013

Off the grid.

Oh, Garrett, we've had the most fun week of vacation, with still two days of adventure left.  We introduced you to the rustic, calming, scenery of New Hampshire's White Mountains; you learned how to fish (sort of), roasted your first marshmallow, swam in a pond, took several nature hikes, rode a golf cart, went three straight days without watching Arthur or Dinosaur Train (and you didn't seem to mind!), tried your first cotton candy, met a real reindeer, rode your first roller coaster, and so much more.  

We left early on Sunday and trekked our way through western Maine to Jefferson, NH, where we started the trip at Santa's Village.  Within five minutes of being there, your three year fear of Santa Claus seemed to be dispelled as you walked right up and gave him a high-five.  You then kept shouting "Ho, ho, hooooooo" at him every time you saw him.  Who ARE you?  (We'll see if this admiration of the big guy lasts into the next holiday season when you find yourself face to face with him for your annual photo with Gabby, Nolan, and Buckley.)  Suffice to say, Santa's Village is a blast, and we loved spending the day there.

Exhausted after a fun-filled day at SV, we headed to our campsite...a new experience as we had only ever tented, although not yet with you, Garrett.  This time, we opted for the Chocorua Camping Village, in Tamworth, NH.  We rented a cabin that we knew would have no electricity but would be overlooking a lovely pond.  Upon arrival, we parked and were escorted, along with all our stuff, via golf cart, to our cabin, about 10 minutes from the main campground.  Essentially, our cabin was on its own little island over looking the lovely pond.  It was exactly what we had hoped for.  

 Exploring North Conway for the day...Zeb's and the Conway Rail Village!

The walk to the campsite...it went on and on...but oh so pretty.

The campground was very dog-friendly. Well, for most dogs.  They even get their own beach and swimming hole!  The Gabby would have loved it. We missed having her with us.

The advantage to being on our own little island was that we also had our own private dock and beach.  When the sun finally shone in its glittery glory, we took advantage and spent the afternoon in the water.  You had a blast!

After awhile, the clouds rolled in and we had a huge storm...but it produced the most lovely rainbow. Then of course, more fishing.  And more rainbow. 

Later, it was on to roasting marshmallows on the woodstove, and given you had no nap for two days, you took it upon yourself to set up your own little nest on the couch as sunset loomed and the cabin was shrouded into quiet darkness.

And the next morning, while we packed up, you contentedly browsed your stash of books.

The day ahead was beautiful.  Before leaving camp, we took one last walk around the docks.

Next up, Storyland! I'm pretty sure we went on every.single.ride. 

Finally, it was time to head home. We had a beautiful few days at our cabin, essentially off the grid from daily distractions.  The best part?  It was only Tuesday...we still had the whole rest of the week ahead of us...

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