04 August 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Our vacation week continued...on Wednesday, we laid low, unpacking from camp, running errands, and getting excited for what was to come that night.  For a few years, I had heard how awesome Circus Smirkus was, so when I saw that it was coming to town while we were on our vacation, I knew we had to go.  This year's theme was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and it did not disappoint.  This particular circus entirely features the acts of kids between the ages of 9 and 18. It's absolutely amazing to see the talent of these youngsters and it made for a delightful show.  I think you loved it! 

Even Pooh was excited. 

Thursday brought a lovely day and up to the Botanical Gardens we went.  It's fun to see what's in bloom at various times of year. And you always have a great time!

Friday...the day started muggy and cloudy.  Off to the Portland Children's Museum.  You never seem to get tired of weaving through the tree house, playing at the water station, or climbing in and out of the fire truck.  

Saturday...a new adventure! Who knew Maine had a zoo?  I had recently heard about D.E.W. Animal Sanctuary and Kingdom and really wanted to see what it was all about. It was just an hour away from home, and through a beautiful part of Maine we hadn't ever seen.  Our lions, and tigers and bears theme continued!  You loved it.  Especially the big cats.

After visiting with each animal, we made our way further into town for some lunch at a quaint little cafe (they had amazing iced coffee!) that overlooked this gorgeous lake.  You chose to eat by the window with a view.

And so the second to the last day of vacation came to a close. One more day left...

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