27 July 2013


Vacation! My favorite word in the summer.  Yesterday morning, when I mentioned to Garrett that we just had to get through one more day and then we'd all be on vacation, his response was "Please do that NOW?"  

A mere nine hours or so later and we were home free....v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n has begun!  Woke up this morning to a gorgeous Maine sunrise.  Dry temps, enormous fluffy cottony clouds, shimmering sunlight...all the ingredients for a wonderful day ahead.

And so we have it...vacation day number 1...Now normally, Daddy doesn't like to spend his (or our) free time in the same town as where he works, however given that there was a kids festival going on at the LL Bean flagship store, and we'd been talking about it for days, he made an exception.  A delightful morning spent watching some crazy Freeport brothers do amazing things with juggling and their seemingly boneless bodies, and some photo booth fun at Bean's.  

The Tardy Brothers!

This brother does crazy things with a tennis racket.  

Photo booth fun!

Now tomorrow, the first half of our vacation really starts.  Garrett's first camping experience!  The car is packed with all kinds of camping goodness to keep us well fed and entertained for the next few days.  Let the adventure begin!

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