13 August 2013

When the toddler's away, the mama plays.

You know I hate to be apart from you.  Even though we're together every.single.day and sometimes I wish for just 5 minutes (read: at least an hour!) of silence and solitude.  Then when I get that time, I just end up missing you.  Like this past weekend--you spent it with Grammie and Grampie and what fun you did have! 

Saturday morning, we met them in the grocery store parking lot, transferred your two bags to the Grampie-mobile and I kissed you goodbye.  "Have fun," I said, "and be a good boy."  "I will, and you have fun too, mama." And right then, it was as if you gave me your blessing to not miss you quite so much, but enjoy a few scrumptious hours of solitude. 

And I did...but only after you were out of my sight and I wasn't behind Grampie's car traveling north on route 1, watching your little silhouetted hand reach to high-five Grammie in the back seat. (for some reason, this tiny detail made me LOSE it.) It just wasn't easy to be away from you, my little sidekick. But alas, you traversed north and I veered to my destination, Popham Beach. Admittedly, it was delightful to spend a leisurely 2+ hours, just me, my beach chair, iced coffee and a book without the demand of going for an endless water's edge walk or dig holes to nowhere in the sand.  I even found a couple of beautiful mementos. And while we did still miss you terribly, it was nice for daddy and I to have a grown-up dinner--not worrying about if I brought enough wipes or snacks to satisfy you--and then see a grown up movie.  It's been awhile since I've seen anything other than the Pooh or Tigger movies.  

That said, it looks like you had a really fun time riding Thomas the Train in Boothbay, going out for a pizza lunch, and (of course) throwing rocks at the beach.

So yeah, you have a pretty great time when you're away from us, and that's good too. We're lucky that you have your grandparents so close by and that they are sharing these experiences with you too.  Summer's not over, there's still so much fun to be had! (p.s. a few more days til we're on vacation again. can you hardly wait?)

While you were doing that, I was doing this:

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