11 November 2012

What's in a name?

When Garrett first started to talk, I became Mom.  No matter how many times I referred to myself as Mama...he persisted on Mom.  And with it, came a variety of tones.  It made me think of him as an angsty 14 year old, who would roll his eyes and say "Moooooooom". But it could also be sweet.  Like when he'd stand at the edge of his crib and the little voice would sound tentatively over the monitor..."Mom? Mooom?" As if to wonder, is anyone there?

And then one day, I dropped him off at daycare, and he waved, smiled and said "Bye, Mama!"  Mama! Finally! I had progressed to Mama...no transition...no introduction...I was just simply Mama. I think I must have smiled the whole day, that day.  Mama.  And yet, for as long as I waited to hear it, I began to miss the simple "Mom".  Oh I know he'll be saying it soon enough...and then for the rest of his (and my) life...but I began to miss the way it sounded from him at this age.

And then today, without warning, came Mommy this and Mommy that.  What? Mommy?  Endearing, sweet, and wonderful...but I was still reveling in the sound of Mama, and now all of a sudden I'm Mommy. I'm not even sure where he's heard Mommy...and so I wondered what made him do this switch now. What is the thought process in a 2 1/2 year old's mind to make this decision?

Obviously, I'm not complaining.  I love anything that comes out of his mouth.  It just serves as reminder that I shouldn't take for granted the sweetness of right now, because it is fleeting and temporary, and soon enough, it'll be something new and different, though hopefully always nice. :)

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