07 November 2012


A historic day in our great state and nation…one that I will happily explain to you when you’re older and can understand.  For now, it’s sufficient to just say equal rights for all and four more years! Forward we march...

You just passed the 2 ½ year mark.  Astounding. You’re almost a totally different kid than you were a year ago, in that your personality has blossomed, your vocabulary has exploded, and your independent (stubborn) streak has continued to rear its…challenging head.  You are definitely a product of your parents.  You say ‘Hi’ to almost anyone we pass in the store.  That is definitely NOT a trait you picked up from us.

We’ve had such fun lately…enjoying the last shred of decent weather before we hibernate for what promises to be a long, frosty winter.  We survived the latest weather tumult…unlike some of our friends in other places who dealt with much worse conditions.  We had wind and rain but thankfully, nothing serious. Superstorm Sandy, as it is now known, spared our state from her wrath.  You, blissfully unaware to the possibilities for days without power, had only one observation the night Sandy hit. “Too windy, Momma! Too windy!”  Yes, Boo, it WAS too windy.  You even experienced your first earthquake, although, much like our dog who remained unfazed, you weren’t interested.  “More Dinosaur Train?” was your response.

There are so many things that I wish I could remember from our daily interactions that make me chuckle, or even crack up, about things you say, how you say them, and the expressions you deliver.  Your memory amazes me. We have so many little games. 

But there are two things you do that stand out as favorites for me.  The first is the way you come barreling full-speed at me when I pick you up from daycare.  When you’re playing outside, and you see me come down the hill, you stop what you’re doing and run full force into my waiting arms, chanting “Momma, momma momma.”  It makes my heart melt.  You DO miss me.   I also love the way you do this for daddy.  For example, when he came through the door last night, you came bursting from the living room, sliding in your socked feet across the kitchen floor, yelling “Dada dada dada” as he scooped you up into a gigantic hug.  He’s glad you miss him too.

My other favorite is how you are first thing in the morning or just before bed.  I love our nightly bedtime routine, when we’re finally sitting in the rocker, reading together, and you snuggle in close, trying to stifle that yawn until it escapes and signals that it’s time to head into dreamland.  I love how you yell Wait, Momma! before I turn out the light so we can blow kisses to each other.  

Or first thing in the morning, when I have to get you up to get ready for ‘school’, and your cozy slumbered warmth is radiating as I pick you up and sit in the rocker for a pre-dressing snuggle.  Your tiny little voice is barely audible as you try to tell me about your dreams or what you want to wear that day.  Sometimes you may still be half asleep, but it’s a reminder to me that even though you are so busy and on the go and fast and independent, you’re still my little cuddlebug.

Christmas is coming! What wonders will await us this year, with your greater sense of awareness and understanding? So much to look forward to! I can’t wait to experience it all again through your shiny eyes.  For now, just a little fall fun.

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