21 November 2012


Thanksgiving Eve. The start to the holiday madness...the season of giving and sharing, taking, and hoarding.  (After all, Black Friday, is just a day away.) I saw an accurate post recently--something like "only in America do we trample each other for what's on sale the day after giving thanks for what we already have".  I've never partaken in any of the BF madness.  There's never been anything I've wanted badly enough to endure the long lines and crazies.  

That said, this Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for the simple things.  Quality time with my little family, a delicious meal, beautiful weather, and a four day weekend. I'm thankful for the great state we live in, wonderful friends, a great job. I'm thankful for commuting with my child every single day, to hear the songs he's learned ("Humpy Dumpy", Wheels on the Bus, etc), the new phrases he's picked up ("Oh well!", "Alright, so!", "Oh, dear") and the imaginative way he tells us stories.

I'm thankful for the way he greets me every day when I pick him up from 'school', shouting "Mommy!", running to me and flinging himself into my waiting arms.  I'm thankful for the way the way he tears through the house shouting "Daddy's home!" when T walks through the door, home from work, and then flinging himself yet again, this time into T's waiting arms.  

I'm thankful for having started reading and singing to him since day one, so that now he practically knows our favorite books and songs by heart, and sometimes 'reads' them aloud to me, or finishes the sentences as I read to him.

I'm thankful for his kind self, and the small ways he shows me that he's learning to be this kind self.  I'm thankful when he says thank you.  

On this Thanksgiving eve, what are you thankful for?

My aromatic brine.

All tucked in for the night.

Carrot chomping.

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