03 September 2012

Slides, Naps, and Kites. In that order.

Labor Day was spent doing anything but labor.  And I didn't feel one ounce of guilt (for once).  It started out gray and chilly, two already non-motivating factors. We all slept in a bit, which for this early bird family, means just before 8am. First item on the agenda, breakfast! Sunday breakfasts out are a bit routine for us.  Although lately, we've been less than impressed with our local offerings.  Fast forward through another disappointing experience (although the food was great, the only redeeming factor) and by the time breakfast was done, the sun was out, shining and the day was looking up.  

We head to a nearby playground that's actually tucked away inside the former naval base. Realizing we hadn't been in about a year, we wondered how G would like it and what he would try first.  Naturally he gravitated toward the biggest slide. 

After about fifty times down this slide, we moved onto the swings.  

Soon enough, it was already time for a snooze.  Heading back home, I had such a headache that I just couldn't shake.  Garrett went down immediately for his nap and T said to me "why don't you take a snooze too?"  Really? Me?  But there's laundry to do.  There's vacuuming to do.  There are litter boxes to do.  There are dishes to do.  In other words, never-ending chores.  But it was my day off too.  G was sleeping and would for at least  the next two hours.  So I thought, I'll just close my eyes for a few minutes.  No sooner did I snuggle into the down comforter, all three kitties making there way to snuggle with me, and I was passed out.  For the next two hours.  Wow. When was the last time I did that? Yeah.

G must have been feeling it to because he ended up napping for just under three hours.  The day had shaped up into quite the beauty and we wondered what to do, now that it was already 3pm.  As the breezes swept through the house, the answer was obvious.  Break out the kites!

We live in such the perfect kite-flying yard.  I've always loved the simplicity of flying kites.  From my DC days flying kites on the National Mall, it's been one of those tranquil activities that makes you feel like a kid again.  And it seemed like the perfect time to let G try it out on his own.  We had a blast.  First I had the reins...I let it go waaay up there.
Then I brought it in a bit.
And then it was Boo's turn.

He did pretty well. Until he realized that letting it go and watching it bob across the yard into the bramble bushes was even more fun.  As was watching Momma go trampling through the prickles to retrieve it. The things I do for this kid. Gabs had fun watching too.

It was the perfect afternoon.  An early dinner, a trip in town for Gelato and a run around the Brunswick Mall completed our non-laborious Labor Day.  It couldn't have been better.

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