07 May 2017


Ah May...spring showers, budding trees, and three birthdays within four days of each other.  Celebrate celebrate!

The week started last Sunday in Ogunquit when Daddy and I spent the afternoon in Ogunquit while you and Maddy played with Grammie and Grampie. Despite the gray clouds, Ogunquit never disappoints.

Then back to Grammie's for birthday cake with Dad...

Fast forward Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...then it was your birthday eve.  As typical of May, the month started out rainy, chilly, and oh so dreary.  Since gone are the days of bringing in treats for a class, one of the options is giving the class extra recess. But, since weather (I thought!) was going to be unpredictable, I asked you what the next best thing to extra recess was...PJ Day, you said. So this went home in everyone's folder...

Day of! May the fourth! I blew up a dozen balloons and taped them all over your playroom. The day turned out not to be a weather disaster, so I let you open one present (cozy Bates sweatshirt) before going to school and sent you on your way. 

Bear with me while I post some pretty things...my favorite magnolia tree that blooms on the Bates campus for all of like five minutes each year...

That night, you had cub scouts (a visit to the local jail!) and then we celebrated with ice cream cake and presents! The overarching theme for this birthday was...summer fun! 

Looks like we'll be hitting the waves this summer at Popham. Let's not also forget our annual birthday interview.  

Needless to say, you had a great night, but Friday was a school day, and we had a long day ahead of us....because...Friday was my birthday! And you went to school, I went to work. Many fun things happened throughout the day...and then we celebrated with friends that night at the Sea Dog.  #40isthenew30.

And then there are these gems from this lazy Sunday...

And so wraps up another birthday week in the books. Happy 7th Birthday to you, darling boy.  Another fun years lies ahead.

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