27 April 2017

2017 catch up.

If only I could squeeze more hours in the day...I'm not sure how it got to be April already but there's a lot to catch up on. Maddy's first visit to the Children's Museum, bowling with friends, cub scout derby, outside snow play, Maddy's 2nd birthday, Easter, scootering, and so much more every day life.


 Maddy turns 2...

And here we are...wrapping this up with tonight's cub scouts crossover ceremony; Tigers to Wolves...what a fun night.  We're so proud of you! And in a week, you'll be 7. 7! Where is the time going?  Watching you grow continues to be our greatest joy...and watching the love and friendship develop between you and Madeleine makes our hearts burst. May you always be as loving to each other as you are in these moments.  You're such a great big brother and she loves you so much.  I think it's mutual. :) 

Onward to May...

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