10 July 2017

Vacation, Staycation, 2017.

When July 4th falls on a weekday, it only makes sense to just take the whole week off.  This was the first week in a year that we've all been off together...we made the most of it.  While I have so many other things to catch up on from the end of school, I'm starting with the most recent fun.

Let's get right to it...the first four days of vacation were spent in one of our most favorite spots--the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  While I normally loathe to leave Maine during its summer finest, New Hampshire is spectacular in its own way, particularly the North Conway area.  Auntie Tanya was up for a visit and we hit the road early on Saturday morning.  The day started out shiny and bright, and we had quite a bit of time to kill before checking into our home away from home.

We took a drive to the Mount Washington Hotel...epic in its own right...the clouds were rolling in, the lobby was bustling, and we encountered first off a random family dance party.  Why not join in? Cotton candy and snowcones for all! 

As the afternoon wore on, so did the ominous weather warnings.  We checked into our condo and started the exploring.  Then my phone kept beeping. Incessant emergency warning beeping.

That was new and different.  Then came the rains.  The downpours of biblical Noah's Ark-like proportions.  Phones kept buzzing but at some point, this crew needed to get some grub.  Our first choice had a flooded parking lot and too big a wait. The rain eventually subsided, and nearby rivers were now bursting and rushing.  We finally found a spot for dinner, an old favorite, and the kids remained entertained in a kids-only movie room, and play space. 

We awoke on Sunday to the perfect summer day. Not a cloud in sky, and the day ready to be conquered. Our first stop was Diana's Bath.  Given the incredible amount of rain the night before, we knew the falls would be even more spectacular than usual and we weren't disappointed.

Little Madeleine, who a year ago wouldn't let her toe touch the water or sand or anything related outside of the bathtub, was now full on dipping her feet and legs in the icy stream.  And you, Garrett?  Stripped down to your bathing suit and treating the falls as your own personal pool.

Then there was a little pool time in the clubhouse...all those Saturdays spent watching Garrett at swimming lessons has made Maddy a natural in the pool!

That night after dinner, it was a trip to another favorite spot---Glen Ellis Falls. Once again, with the epic rains from the day before, the waterfalls were unbelievable.  Nature is amazing!

Suffice to say, everyone slept well that night. 

Next up, Storyland!  Someone was excited at the prospect, even though she had no idea what was in store.

And that's a wrap on our Storyland adventure.  Our last morning in NH was spent in North Conway before we headed back for a bbq at the house...s'mores included of course!

Vacation didn't stop there.  On Wednesday, we spent the entire day at Popham. It was glorious.  Summer in Maine...it doesn't get much better.

Besides the beach, there's no greater sign of summer than the sticky sweet ink stain of red, sun-ripened strawberries on one's fingers. We can't get enough of this season's strawberry picking.

Saturday we spent wading in the cool waters of the Deering Oaks ravine in Portland.  

Sunday...our final day of vacation.  Up to Damariscotta for breakfast at a favorite spot and the day spent at Pemaquid Point Beach.  The perfect ending to a perfect week.

There's so much left of summer--we intend to enjoy it to the fullest!

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