26 November 2016

The End of Summer. (Finally)

Oh dear.  I started this post in September and now it's nearly December.  So many things to capture.  I had good intentions...but then school started, and soccer, Cub Scouts, and...well. Time gets away.  Here goes:

In a few short days, summer will be officially over, school's now well underway, and all things pumpkin are already out.  It must be Fall.

The last half of summer was as fun as the first...and I loved how sometime around the end of July, you asked me when were you going back to school, that you missed it.  Oh how bittersweet.  You're at the age when summer is endless! It won't always be like that, believe me. Enjoy that feeling while you can! 

This summer was nothing short of spectacular in terms of weather. Rain? Who needs it! The days were hot, dry, and sunshiney.  It's too bad your sister totally detests anything having to do with the beach and water...but we made the most of it.  She'll need to get used it...she comes from a long line of beachgoers.  

We found ourselves at Range Pond, a favorite spot to cool off.  I'm not big on lakes and ponds, but this one is clear, cool, and inviting.

That same weekend, you and I escaped to the movies...Secret Life of Pets...I'll admit, my ulterior motive was to get into someplace cool...what's with movie theaters these days? They used to be freezing! This was just a step above comfortable.  Anyway, I digress...

August brought backyard camping, trips to the libraries, Peacock Beach, the Topsham Fair, Coffin Pond, Camden, a visit from Auntie Tanya, Portland Headlight, Popham Beach, playground hopping, bike riding at Bowdoin, British soccer camp, boat rides in Portsmouth, days with Grammie and Grampie, blueberry picking, full moons, Ogunquit, and losing teeth.  By the time school started in September, we'd had a pretty full and great summer. And by the way, your sister adores you and loved sharing many of these adventures with you. 

The final week of August...half of it spent with Grammie and Grampie, then we had first grade information night! We got to see your classroom and of course, meet your teacher.  Just a few more days until school started...

Then your last day...you and I spent it in Ogunquit...started out with donuts at our favorite shop in Wells...then a beautiful walk on the Marginal Way, trolley rides, and more. My favorite place with my most favorite pal.

And there it was...the last weekend before school started.  Just like that, summer was
over.  We did some playground hopping and relished those last days of freedom! 

And that was just August!

Your summer was filled with various adventures, fun-filled days, and memories to last. Next up...September and the start of life as a first grader...

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