27 November 2016

September more.

Continuing to play catch-up on the last few months...we're up to September and the first day of school! 

Soccer started right away...Team Rusty's Market was unstoppable, and your skills definitely improved from last year. You scored at least one goal, sometimes 3 in every game! It was so fun to watch. 

Our summer of no rain turned into a fall with no rain, so weekends had us continuing to do all things outdoorsy.  One Sunday found us at the Botanical Gardens...as beautiful in the fall as it is in the summer.  A favorite spot for all of us.

Another fall weekend found us on a Popham beach walk and then a visit to downtown Portsmouth, it's toy stores and then aboard the U.S.S. Albacore. What an adventure that was!

Late September and early October brought a few trips to Rocky Ridge Orchard for the annual growth chart recording, Wallingfords Farm, more teeth coming out, more soccer, more playgrounds, and apple picking. But first, this gem from school asking what you did this summer? Translation: I went on a boat with my grandparents and I felt happy." :)

Finally it was Halloween...you claim to love it more than Christmas. (!!!)  We embraced the season and on a dreary (finally) rainy day, we braved the weather and went to LL Bean's pumpkin festival.  Carving pumpkins, face painting, pumpkin bowling and giant bubbles.  What's not to love?

Grammie and Grampie got into the act...

And then the big day...

So we close out September and October...November will bring us more cub scouts, a field trip, a beach hike, gardens aglow, and much to gobble gobble about. 

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