22 July 2016

More summer fun.

Summer...already half over (sob!) and still a month plus more before school starts. We've packed it in from the start and the fun keeps going.

The weekend of the July 4th, we found ourselves at an old favorite in Harpswell. Stovers Cove. Rocky beachy goodness, perfect for wading, tossing rocks, and just taking in the salty fresh air and beautiful views.

For the record, Mads is NOT fond of the water...not yet anyway. After Stovers, we headed to a playground that we've been a few times...and there's never anyone there.  It's got such great stuff!

Next was 4th of July...it was a beautiful but HOT day. We spent it down in Deering Oaks Park in the wading pools.  Cool, crystal clear waters...the perfect way to simmer down in the heat of the day.  Later that night, Daddy and Mads stayed home while you and I got to have some fun in Bath...carni rides, carni foods, fireworks on the water.  A perfect night!  We had so much fun, me and you.

After the 4th, there was music on the mall in Brunswick, library time where you finally got your own library card (this is a big deal!!), and just play play play.

During the week days, you're at day camp run by the same program that your before and after care is during the school year. But to give you some variety, we sent you to Bowdoin College day camp for a week...you.loved.it.  Every day had you in the pool, there were dance parties, games, tennis, volleyball, pogo sticks, a track to run on, trampolines to jump on, songs to sing, and so much more.  Every day when I picked you up, your face was sweaty, dirty, and you gave me your toothy grin every time. Madeleine liked walking the track too :)

At the end of that camp week, off we went to one of our favorite places.  As much as I hate to leave Maine in the throes of summer, NH is a special place. There's something about being among the White Mountains, along the rocky Saco River that inspires adventures and being outdoorsy all the time.  You, Dad, and Gabs headed up early on Saturday while Mads and I hung back due to what we thought may have been a wee little case of pink eye...Love to start a beautiful summer Saturday at the urgent care among the masses.  

A couple hours and some eye drops later, Mads and I too joined the beautiful mountainous backdrop. What awaited us was swimming, hiking, waterfall finding, and of course, Storyland. Not necessarily in that order.

Despite being exhausted after a full day of play, the evening was so beautiful, we found ourselves venturing to a place Daddy and I went yeeeeears ago, on one of our very first trips to NH for hiking--Glen Ellis Falls.

 Back to the resort for a little evening stroll among the grounds, then the next day was already Monday. Maddy, Gabs, and I were heading home while you and Daddy were going to squeak out one last day and night.  But first, a trip to Diana's Baths...how we'd never gone here before, we're not sure but we'll definitely be going back.  Amazing.

 And there it is.  Another summer weekend wrapped up.  We're lucky to have so many awesome places nearby and so many more we have yet to explore.  Where will we find ourselves next?

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