08 July 2013


Oh boy.  So it was my intention to avidly track our summertime activities, but that seems to have gone by the wayside.  It's a good thing I take enough photos to tell the story themselves.  It's been a fun two months!

So here we are...our summer til now...

Memorial Day brought...rain.  We went to Jokers. I didn't really like it, but Garrett definitely did.  He gained more confidence and my heart swelled watching a couple of older boys help him navigate the tricky course. 

Then we found pleasure in just some playground time and walks in the woods.

Then one 90 degree day, we had your birthday party with friends.  With all of our birthdays clustered together, and May being so hectic, why not just extend the celebration into June...and so we did.  A dinosaur-themed party proved super fun, and I tried (for once) to get creative in the party process.  Lookie this cake I made! Yes, from scratch...complete with frosting and piping and decorative goodness.

Summer nights continued to be delightful as we took our supper outside and simply enjoyed just being.  Gabs enjoyed it too.

More communing with nature led us to an afternoon at Bradbury Mountain.

Searching for trolls...

Pooh was offered some lilacs...how sweet!

Mommy and Daddy went to a concert and you stayed with Grammie and Grampie.  See! We can be silly too.

This would be a tough guy look if the thumb in the mouth didn't totally disarm it.

Your first strawberry picking adventure.  It was so much fun and you did such a great job!

Last weekend, we checked out the new dog park in Brunswick.  It was a gorgeous evening, and you loved walking your dog.  We also had some fun trying to get some family shots.

Then there's these two...they're kind of ridiculous.

Last week we went down to Portland...we thought it'd be a crummy day but instead we took advantage of the decent weather and playtime.

Ta-Da! Independence Day!  Your first fireworks show.  So fun.

I love that you wanted Pooh bear to experience the fireworks too. "You want to see fireworks, too, Pooh?"  So sweet.

Fourth of July weekend brought holy hotness.  To escape, we went to Popham for an evening...just delightful. Dramatic skies, expansive landscapes...

And finally...this past weekend, we went with buds to Stovers Cove.  We brought our Gabs with us, who has an unfortunate bad habit of drinking too much ocean water (disastrous results!).  I love watching you play.  You are also going to be a slugger someday as your most favorite thing to do is stand and throw rocks.  You could do that all day long. How lucky we are to live in such a pristine and gorgeous area, surrounded by beaches and crystal clear ocean.  I love that you are growing up to love the beach.  

And at the end of the day, a boy and his dog, exhausted from the fun, relax together.  Here's to more summer adventures ahead...

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