14 April 2013

A Walk in the Woods.

I had better intentions of writing this last weekend, when I was a bit more hopeful about spring.  When the ground wasn't sodden from not just rain, but sticky snow that insisted on reappearing later this week, suffocating my already struggling daffodils and blanketing the yard with a scene of what you'd expect in February. Then I remind myself, this is Maine.  And July, August, and September are around the corner, and it's during those months that I remind myself, THIS is why we live here. It'll get here.  

Meanwhile, last weekend, it wasn't terribly springy out, but it was at least sunny, (well, only on Saturday, but I'll take it!) and after what seems like an eternity of being cooped up indoors, we spend an inordinate amount of time exploring outside.  Examining new buds popping up on the trees, searching for hope that days would soon get (and stay!) warmer. And so explore we did...both at home and on a local trail, just to be outdoors...and as I mentioned in my last post...to just be.

So despite the biting wind, G and I visited our favorite playground, deserted as no one in their right mind wanted to be out in this crazy cold, but we bundled and braved it.  And definitely had fun.

But home is good to roam and play too, especially if there's a Gabby. And it's good to take snack breaks.

We love family walks.

And it's good to know he's looking out to make sure I'm still with them. 

We did a little rock climbing.

We like to yell "Apple pie!" instead of "Cheeeeeeese"!

It's also very important to chase away the trolls with a stick.  

I was here too. Really, I was. Tho we can't quite master getting the three of us AND Gabby into the same shot.

Then the weekend was over, but when we got home on Monday, we still wanted to play outside.  It was just too nice out.

Gabby's turn to show me some love.
So ok, maybe Mother Nature is delighting in playing tricks on us this season by giving us these bleak days of mist and chill.  Here's hoping that what it really means is a promise for an even more fantastic-than-usual summer.  Come on summer, we're ready.

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