03 May 2013

Three times the fun.

We are in the home stretch of your time as a two year old.  It's your birthday eve, and while you look forward to going to the beach tomorrow with Daddy, Gabs and me (Ogunquit, here we come!), I'll be reminiscing in these last quiet hours, of the day you were born (not so much the 38 hours of labor, but more like the joy of first holding you in my arms).  Sure, we'll do our normal bedtime routine, and then maybe I'll pull out my baby journal, reveling in the tiny person you were and marveling at the amazing little boy you've become.

I may get a little teary--wait, who am I kidding?  There will be crying.  And I'll wonder how it is that time has really gone this fast and continues to do so at lightening speed. 

I purposely wrapped all your prezzies last night so I could just enjoy remembering tonight, and look ahead to the weekend.  Tomorrow morning we'll welcome your threes with a beautiful day and head to my most favorite of places.  We will watch you run on the beach, chasing gulls, flying kites, and enjoying the single most important thing in our lives--our little family.

Today we took the day off, you and me. We met Grammie and Grampie at our favorite haircuttery to get your locks shorn.  This time, clippers were used. Clippers!! You really are growing up! 
Then we went to the bookstore, because there was just one more thing I wanted to get you.  You were a little bit of a rascalion, as Grampie would say.  But I blame it on the fact that you were hungry, had an audience and that our favorite children's bookseller was there.  You are, after all, almost three. 

Onward to lunch...Flatbread by the Bay...ok it's just called Flatbread, but I do so love how we can sit and watch the boats coming and going out of Casco Bay.  You loved it too, as you sat nestled next to Grammie.  
Grammie and Grampie gave you the most adorable owl.  You loved him instantly.  

Garrett, you are the brightest light in our world--which only glows brighter by how many people love and adore you.  You have made the last three years the best adventure and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead.  We are so grateful for your temperament, your sweet and gentle nature, and your ever-ready smile.  And while we seek to teach you the ways of the world, you are constantly teaching us and reminding us about what it means to seize the little moments with as much relish and gusto as the seemingly grander ones.  We may make mistakes along the way, but you comfort us with your smile and your warmth.  Every day on the ride to work and daycare, you ask me "where'd the moon go? where's the sun?"  They are you, my little prince.  You are what makes our world shine bright!

So on this eve of your birthday #3, know how much you are loved and cherished.  And as we blow out the candles this weekend (by the way, I'm so impressed that you can sing the entire happy birthday song in tune and on key word for word.  You go, Garrett!), my wish for you is that you always stay as sweet and loving as you are today...that in this moment and those to come, we remember your enchanting self, your inquisitive nature, and your curious mind.  You are, to us, the best.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, little prince...

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