02 April 2013

A tisket, a tasket...a green and yellow Easter basket.

This past weekend was chock full of fun as we celebrated the end of a grueling month (more on that in another post) and the hope of Spring.  Saturday saw tumbling and the holiday haircut (an hour wait, as no doubt all momma's had the same thought of sprucing up their little one's unruly mops).  Several errands were run and Garrett  remained a trooper throughout.  I admit succumbing to a tad bit of bribery in order to squeeze out a little more cooperation.  As in, "if you hang in there for just a little longer while we go to X, Y, and Z places, we'll go to Reny's and get a balloon."  Needless to say, after a long morning that was quickly stretching into the afternoon, Bert the Balloon came home with us. (Bert to go, of course, with Ernie the little rubber ducky Garrett had gotten as a prize at the haircuttery.) Whatever it takes, people, whatever it takes.

Post nap, we had our first forage into egg decorating.  Someone mastered that pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, this front and center green egg came out with some sort of gorilla-like face.  Ok, so it's not the Shroud of Turin but still. Creepy.

That evening, long after someone was tucked into bed, the Easter Bunny compiled a basket full of hot wheels, squishy dinos and snakes, and a few goodies to satisfy the sweet tooth. Of course, the basket had to be hidden out of range from some curious kitties who could be tempted to munch on the fake yellow grass.  No Easter-morn trip to the emergency vet, please and thank you.  

Sunday brought an early wake up, an egg hunt, and time to get into our Easter-best and venture to church.  

Oh, Church, where within 8 minutes, Garrett announced rather loudly that he had to go potty.  Twice.  Then it was snack-demanding. As I said to all the little old ladies who were cooing at how adorable he was, let's see how adorable he is when he's actually trapped in a pew. Ah well...

An excruciating hour plus later, we were cruising south to Grammie and Grampie's.  Thankfully, he slept the whole ride, and despite the utter groggy affect on arrival, the sweetest moment of the day came when he spotted his Grampie in the door, let go of Daddy's guiding hand, and ran to launch himself into Grampie's waiting arms.  

After hugs and hellos, Garrett and his cousins set off to find the Easter eggs that had been hidden and opening the Easter treats, all while chowing on carrots and dip.  
After awhile, it was time to get Garrett out of his monkey suit and into some comfier play clothes.  He and the girls then started a game of catch with the Tigger ball they'd given him. (Note to self--interrupting said game of catch could result in momma and child colliding heads--in this case, Garrett's bowling ball noggin and nearly giving me a black eye.  I'm pretty sure a mild concussion has ensued.) 

Meanwhile, Pooh takes a contemplative break.
 Ah, the kids table.  Enjoying the Easter tradition of kielbasa and deviled eggs.

The giggles, singing, and silly games continued throughout the afternoon.  He may not fully understand who/what the Easter Bunny and Easter is, but he sure does love his family.

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